Natalya v Grim v kiril

Natalie is 2/60 Grimm is 3/60 and Kiril is 3/60, they all needed the same item to be able to level up. So I assume Kiril first but is there a good reason to boost Natalya or Grimm first?

Not having ANY information on your roster it’s hard to make a proper suggestion…

Kiril is a solid 4* healer… Useful for a VERY long time

Grimm is (imo) the most effective of the “ramming Pulverizers” (i.e. the defence droppers). His high attack stat naturally pairs well with his big damage & makes best (tile) use of the defence down.

Natalya is a 5* hero. If you are lacking in materials then don’t do her yet.


Thank you that is great advice