Natalya special skill

I have recently got 5* red hero Natalya who is supposed to hit 1 enemy with over 250 damage for 4 turns but I have noticed that she doesn’t cause any damage when you first use her. If she is only a counter attack then the write up on her needs changing.
The few times that I have used her all that happened straight away was a flame appears on the enemy but no damage is caused

its Damage over time, not counter attack. the card says she deals X amount of damage over 4 turns, which she does.

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DOT happens at the end of the opponents turn, not your own. effects on your own heroes happen on your turn

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I understand that but what I’m pointing out is, when you first use her she isn’t causing any damage at all. I know that she does on the second turn just not straight after using the skill.

Ok, sorry thought there was a question there beyond just pointing out how the hero worked.

this part

If she is only a counter attack then the write up on her needs changing.
The few times that I have used her all that happened straight away was a flame appears on the enemy but no damage is caused

had me thinking you weren’t sure that her DOT was working how it was supposed to. My bad.

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Here you can see that Natalya causes over 300 damage for 4 turns. Why then is she not causing any damage when I push her special skill. I’ve used her on province 1 level 1 and still no damage until the next turn but it doesn’t say that on the card. That makes her a counter attacker.

because the “4 turns” starts on each opponents turn, like every DOT effect from other heroes does (marjana, colen, azlar, sartana, kelile, nashgar etc).

DOT effects happen on the turn of the hero it’s applied to. the damage happens over each of the next 4 opponents turns. Same way in that if their Nat hits one of your guys, you still get your next turn before the DOT takes effect at the end of your turn.


I appreciate your input. I just don’t understand why my 3 star hero does damage and Natalya only does damage after the time you pressed for the special skill.

because Nashgar’s special has 2 parts: deal 290% to a single target (happens right now) and 120 over 6 turns (happens during DOT time).


No it doesn’t, counter attack is reactive, she would do 312 damage every time she gets hit. If she gets hit by 3 opponents at the same time, she would deal 312 damage back to each of them. Damage over time means she will do consistent damage, whether she gets hit or not. Which she is. There simply isn’t room on the card to specify that damage doesn’t occur instantly.

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I understand that but my point is the card leads you to believe that you will cause damage with the first hit.
I also have 2 of the other hero’s you mentioned and they do, do damage straight away as well as for however many turns.

Either way you have answered my query so thank you very much. I think I still prefer Scarlett and Gormek. I also have Elena as well. 5 star red. Which would you keep.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

Keep all of them, you never know when you might need them and all are good in different ways

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Nat is totally anti-alberich, i almost guarantee whoever developed her had killing Alberich in mind, melts his face right off and will almost always be dead before he even fires a special off with her good tile damage. Throw her in with a Scarlett and a Tib and thats scary tile damage on green titans.


Natalya joins Lady Locke and Morgan le Fay in the “killing by effect” club. If you’ve fought in Pirates and faced Locke, you understand how this works. Natalya’s card description was enough for me to understand how she was likely to work. I’m sorry if you didn’t, but had you read the Natalya v Marjana thread, it would have been clear that Natalya does no upfront damage. Which makes her perfect against Riposte (e.g. Obakan) as she takes no damage while inflicting quite a lot.

Many 5* heroes are wretched at farming. I use a completely different, much lower-level squad to farm than I do for titans or raiding. Of the six new heroes release this month, only Lancelot is useable in farming.


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