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I have lately fought few enemies with Natalya and attack increasing troops. I have found that Nat is dealing higher damage than she was supposed to. Like every hero was treated like green hero. Her max dmg was 700, she was only red hero, troops +16% attack. She was not buffed nor I was debuffed. Yet the dmg given to my heroes wasnt 812 in 4x203, but 976 in 4x244. Her description was correct. On the battlefield she had 812 dmg in description, however the damage dealt was 20% higher. How did that happened?

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I believe defense teams have an automatic 20% bonus that isn’t reflected in the stated DoT stats.

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Thanks for fast reply. Didn’t knew that since i don’t get these all 430% 210% or so, so I didn’t analyzed that. I have only one DoT (which has easy to determine dmg) which is Nat and it looked weird since i know how much dmg should she deal.

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I agree, it’s confusing. And given how readily I found similar confusion in past threads, it’s clearly a common source of confusion for other people too.

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