Natalya special ability is broken

When upgrading Natalya, if her special ability is rank 7, it has it stating that it does 444 damage over 4 turns, when you click “ascend” you are able to “view” what her special would be at max rank. It states that it will be 536 damage over 4 turns instead of the 700 it currently shows when you view the hero of the month on the summon page.

Her damage goes up as she levels, so keeping leveling. Her skill damage increases with her level not just the 8/8 thing


It increase as she gain levels or as the attack raise? (I’m asking for +Attack% buff purpose)

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All of the heroes that have DOT specials, the DOT increases with levels as well, so you need to be fully ascended to get the max special. Heroes like Sartana and Azlar etc are the same way.

Actually it increases with attack raise (and that increases with levels, and also with troops).


good point on the troops. thx for the clarification!

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