Natalya or Q.OH

I just got my 6th set of rings and I have been waiting for a while now to ascend Q. O. H. However, now I’m slightly conflicted as I have just been lucky enough to summon Natalya… At the moment, I’m using Marjana+11 in my raid and war defense with from L-R. ALBY +10 SESHAT +11 Ariel + 13 Marjana+11 and sartana+12. I am also looking at putting QOH or Natalya in my defense and replacing Marjana.
Any thoughts or suggestions for me will be greatly appreciated!


QoH for Defense, Natalya for Offense.

Natalya is poorly-run by the automated defense coding and is much better when controlled by a human.

I would ascend both, but (if I needed a defender) would choose QoH.


Having had Queen of Hearts fully ascended for a while, I don’t think she has a place on defense. You just can’t control when she fires, so she’s suboptimal there, and her defense is too low to tank effectively, and her attack is too low to be a damage threat. She’s like Hatter in that she needs active control to be most optimal, and defense can’t do that.

That said, I think Natalya is too niche for defense either. You are running Ariel as your tank, and Natalya can discourage a green stack, but Ariel isn’t the best blue tank. And with Kingston running around now who functionally negates Natalya, I think she’d be even worse for defense.

I think Marjana is your best red for defense right now, so neither would replace her.

So my recommendation is Queen of Hearts. She’s really really bad at most things but is super great due to the taunt. She’s an amazing GET DOWN MR PRESIDENT hero.


Another note: Just leave Marjana in.

Still ascend QoH first, Natalya second.

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Duly noted- tyvm @PeachyKeen and @MD-DC
20 Appreciates!!!




@MD-DC @PeachyKeen
Here are my blue heroes and then my other heroes that could be tankish.
I have had some success with Ariel at tank. I had a lot of success as well with aegir at tank.
I love Ariel in all special aspects- + Mana +HP and cleanse. If she were fast Mana she’d be the best hero in game ( IMHO).
If you want, gimme a veteran p.o.v. on where the holes lay in my def.
Also , if I DID summon Onatel, does she fit in this scheme with removing Sartana perhaps. I have 12 arts and like 40 orbs so the mats are there for sure.


One other thing I wanted to say is that I’m currently leader of my own alliance with just this profile, and my alternate. I mentioned this simply because I wanted you guys to know that I don’t have to consider things like certain colored tanks for war to synch with the rest of a large Ally.
I know that you guys are busy and have lives, so I certainly don’t expect any rush on a response. I was just thinking that since you guys took an interest in this thread, I’d try to make the most of your knowledge and experience!

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If you pull Onatel:


Onatel is wrecking it on my defense. I also run Ariel/Onatel in that order.

Presently my defense is Yunan-Ariel-Onatel-Gravemaker-Seshat

I had run Boss as a tank for over a year. Im trying Onatel at tank to maybe switch talents to Alby.

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If you do not pull Onatel— I personally dislike Ariel at Tank. Problem is your best tank alternatives are blue. So i wouldn’t move her unless you replace her.

Aegir is the only suitable replacement.


Can I ask you this- I just made my last 2 pulls ( I think they will be my last 2 but there’s a 5% chance I’ll pull 1-2 more x) and I did not get Onatel
So, I see EXACTLY what you’re saying regarding my best tank options being blue. Do you see ANY combo that would/could effectively include aegir AND Ariel???
I figure that will probably require me to remove Alby tho. Aegir would get the reset Emblems from Richard of course if I did tank him.
It sounds like you value Ariel as well… And of course I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face, but as I’ve said before I love me some Ariel- I just wanted to see if I could find another place among the other 4 on my def if it’s not at tank. If there’s no suitable spot for her then realistically I’ll keep her at tank.
ONATEL would be such a huge addition to the team. I might just have to try my luck once or twice more b4 this AR set is done. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
BTW your defense sounds great! No holes that I can see in there!!!

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I think using Ariel and Aegir would both be redundant and vulnerable. Despite everyone’s attempts to prove otherwise with 2-2-1 and counter-flanking the tank (ie 2 yellow flanks flr purple tank, or yellow in 2 and 5 with purple tank… rainbow defense is the best overall.

So pick your blue and arrange your best 4 multis around the synergy. Ariel is best on Flank, Aegir best on tank. There is almost no lineup Ariel doesn’t work in.

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