Natalya or G. Falcon or Colen

After months and months, I finally got the 4th hidden blade needed to ascend either Natalya to tier 3 or G. Falcon to tier 4. I also recently got Colen. Already have Boldtusk.

I’m not sure what to do. Some people are saying Falcon. He would be good to go with another red in titan fights and events I assume. But since I don’t have a red 5*, I’m not sure if I should go with Natalya. I have the 6 rings but not any more hidden blades right now for the last tier of her ascension. Then there is also Colen! What to do? Thoughts and advice are much appreciated.

Have you glanced here? It might help you make your decision. Keep in mind this is an opinion, but it is a well-considered one. :slight_smile:

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Given that you have the rings, Natalya. She’s not impressive on defense, but she’s a joy to use on offense, hidden blades are much easier to come by than rings, and it would be a shame not to get a quality 5* ready for final ascension.


Thank you for directing me to the guide @Rook! I have just read it.
My Boldtusk remains the best red hero I have :smiley: Decided…I’ll leave Colen be for now. Seems like Natalya and Falcon are pretty even for titans. Both made the B grade overall but Natalya is rating better at offense than Falcon. Thanks for confirming @Kerridoc.
I was hoping to get a better hero for fighting titans. Maybe I should hold onto the ascension items and wait for a better draw…undecided still.

I read your previous discussion re. ascending Natalya vs. Sir Lancelot on Feb. 5. Considering that I won’t have all the mats for levelling Natalya the last tier, will she be useful at 3/60 should be my question. And is she still going to be decent against titans. Thanks for your answers!


I would go Falcon for sure.

The elemental armor reduction is amazing against Green titans.


I have Natalya at 3^60 and would definitely say she’s useful. I’m also sitting at 5 rings and eagerly waiting to fully ascend her. Her use can be somewhat situational, but I have boldtusk as well and going double red on raids has been a tremendous boon. I really only reroll on maxed out boril, everyone else is cake.


Thumbs up for Natalya here too.
The blades will come for Falcon, but that rings are so lonely :wink:


Thank you all for your responses. Those rings are sitting lonely lol @Elpis. Seems a shame to make them wait. I have decided to go ahead and ascend Natalya. She is maxed on her special skills already :smiley: which is great. It’ll still be a long journey from here but I’ll have fun in the meantime! Thanks!

My personal opinion is I would rather have three good red 4* 4.70 heroes than a red 4* 4.70 and a red 5* 4.80 because of the way leveling, power curves, 3 color teams and special skill synergy works.

I like healers since they help with rare quests which get ascension items which help level other heroes, so if he is not already 4.1+, I would level Boldtusk.

Falcon is an insane red 4* tank ( better defense than 5* red HotM Ares ) which is useful for everything except Titans. His debuff works well against green Titans if you can pair two good reds, like Boldtusk and Kelile, with him.

Gryphonkit, my wife, loves Colen, but his attack all with DOT is best for quickly clearing mobs, getting the last two mobs in the corners, and not a lot else. Other 4* red have better board damage , defense and HP. Not sure what role the Devs had in mind for him when designing the 4* heroes.

For Titans I would get Boldtusk to 4.1+ then wait for Epic Hero token or legendary training to summon Kelile ( fast mana speed 4* red sniper with DOT ), Scarlett ( fast mana speed 4* red splash damage with 6 turn attack debuff ), or Gormek ( average mana speed 4* splash damage with 6 turn defense debuff - tankier than Grimm and strong against Green while Grimm is weak against Green so awesome compliment to Grimm once you fill out your 4* roster ).


@Gryphonknight, saw your link to further discussions on Natalya, plus some other heroes I have but not sure where to go with them. The discussions are answering some more questions for me. Thanks!

I have Boldtusk, Sonya, Sabina, Li Xiu and Skittleskull from way back, all levelled max. I do pretty well with them, sitting around 2000-2100 trophies. No need for more really. I usually get an A grade fighting 6/7titans with an occasional 8* that usually get away. One alliance-mate was surprised I get the score I get lol, especially when I only use arrows, axes, potions, banners sometimes. I have learnt to hit with the tiles as my guys specials don’t add up to much.

Reds - BT is really a great hero; he’ll be with me all the way. With the special events and AW, I’ve needed to increase the depth. SG will be happy to know it’s working! I drew Colen and G. Falcon and of course Natalya from a while back, hence the dilemma per above conversation. I’ve ascended Natalya to tier 3 and hope I won’t regret it. Those are my Red choices.

Blues - I now have 2 Grimms, one at 3.30, will be levelling him all the way. The other and Boril will wait.

Yellows - I have more Li Xius, Chao, Hu Tao, Wu Kong and yes, Delilah. Chao is at 2 or 3 tier. Wu is a 2 days old wee baby but will probably level him all the way as he just might be just what I need to spice up the titan. But I’m having so much fun with Delilah at 2.13. But I do have many healers in my repertoire so probably Wu then. I’ll have to wait for another 2 orbs before that can happen. Sigh, long haul! I hit the yellow ascension pack 5x with nothing better than a compass! HELLO!

Purples - Tiburtus, Rigard & Domitia. I’ll level Tib first. Rigard is already at 3.13 with his special maxed. yeah! But he’ll stay there.

Greens - Jack O’Hare…hmm D grade. Thought he would be better than that. So he’ll be part of unlevelled clean up crew in the AW. Melandor needs to be maxed before Elkanen it seems. I’ve read the discussions on this topic. Anyone got any thoughts on this considering my brood?

I also have 3* Squire Wabbit. Should I do anything with him?

Thanks for your thought in advance!

Jack probably gets bumped a notch or so because his mana speed is fast now and his defense debuff was reduced. So maybe he’s like a C now?

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I’d leave Natalya for last…Let those rings sit a little longer, they’re not going anywhere…I’ve been raiding with mostly reads now and it’s absolutely killer…I can take out 3 heroes at the same time firing these specials in this order: BT(maxed) > Falcon(maxed) > C.Kestrel(70). You have to know when/who to fire Natalya. She’s hot, but not as dynamic as far as I’m concerned…

I think you made the right choice with Natalya. I have her maxed and absolutely love raid attacking with her. Her Titan effectiveness is grand too. She survives and is a constant help with that Mana reduction. You’ll eventually want falcon too for those Titans but Nat is more versatile.

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oops! I already used the four hard earned hidden blades to ascend her to the next tier! I guess I have to wait for four more hidden blades for Falcon or maybe wait for another good red like Kellie or Scarlett to along.

Hahaha, don’t sweat it. The blades will come…Don’t get me wrong, I also have her and like her, but she seems like a one trick pony to me. Maybe I just like the big fireworks from Falcon/Kestrel better… :rofl:


@2Spookd, saw your reply after I replied responded to wormwood. so many varied opinions, dear me!

lol I like fireworks too. But I like big scores better. So…

That’s the truth of it. There are heroes that are no-brainers, your Boldtusk for example. Then other heroes are more useful depending on the situations. So you’ll get a wide variety of opinions lol


Boldtusk and Sabina work well together because Boldtusk is tankier and his attack buff increases Sabina’s board damage. Sabina’s high attack stat increases purple board damage especially with Gambler’s Stance active. Melendor, below, is a green clone of Sabina. See Wu Kong team link below for more discussion of Boldtusk, Sabina, and Melendor.

Sonya has a higher defense and HP than Caedmon, the other Piercing Strike. Works well with Melendor versus blue bosses/ double blue defense teams and Sabina versus yellow bosses/ double yellow defense teams and either versus most other situations except green bosses/ double green defense teams.

Li Xiu and Skittleskull can work well with a defense team that plays to their strengths. Because they are attack all drain mana and attack all attack debuff, you don’t have to worry about the defense team A.I. picking the wrong attacking hero to zap. Also the trickle of mana that defense teams get helps charge their special faster.

Many of my alliance fellow resist leveling Wu Kong, his special works best with a team build around it, but he increases board combos/ cascades by x1.938 damage. see Wu Kong team discussion

Melendor is a green clone of Sabina, see above, and really compliments her by giving your roster more flexibility. Plus his stats and healing go well with Wu Kong, see above link. While Elkanen is more of a green tank.

Personally I have one max Grimm, almost done leveling a 8/8 Kiril, and I am feeding all my 1* blue heroes to a second Grimm to get his special to 8/8 using only farmable ascension materials.

Using only farmable ascension materials, 4* heroes are the strongest, so they are good to add flexibility to your teams and in war were heroes can be used only once.

My alliance fellow has two Rigards and I am so jealous. Rigard is not only a very tanky healer, but heal all and cleanse all. Vivica is the only other heal all and cleanse all and she is slow mana instead of average. First Rigard is great for most 4* defense teams in raid or war. Second Rigard is great versus war defense teams especially because of Rigard’s help against the revenge bar.

Among the Ramming Pulverizer heroes, Tiburtus tends to be third in line after Grimm ( strong against red, weak against green, highest attack, lowest defense of Ramming Pulverizer ) and Gormek ( weak against blue, strong against green, lowest attack, highest defense of Ramming Pulverizer ) which compliment each other. But Tiburtus is weak against purple where Wu Kong and Delilah’s yellow minions can help ( yes they are strong versus purple, but 15 yellow minions are usually too distracting during the 90 seconds of terror known as a titan timer )

Squire Wabbit has the highest 3* red attack stat and can be maxed using only farmable ascension items. Useful for challenge events and to fill out your second half war teams.


Thank you @Gryphonknight! My thoughts aren’t too far off then. I’m so used to my lead team that I’ve become automated the sequence I set off the tiles, and looking for those diamonds, coz afterall, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! I’m a diamond seeking autobot! :rofl:

A team with say BT, Grimm, Tiburtus, Wu and Melandor (I don’t have Caedmon) would be a good offense team and even against blue titans. Tib out and Chao (not sure here since I really like those little minions but they are distracting lol and Delilah is another healer type and her attack tiles doesn’t seem to be very strong, especially when she’s only at 1.39) in against Yellow. Domitia is good against Holy too isn’t she? Take out Melandor and have Sonya against Red. Sub in Natalya for Grimm against green titans.

Right now we are fighting a 7* green monstrosity. I put in BT, Falcon, Natalya, Li Xiu and Skittleskull. If the board works out, I can stay around 15-20k damage, even with my partially levelled Falcon and Natalya. I know that isn’t much for some people but am happy about that as am the top attacker right now!

Not downloading screenshots here…lol!

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