Natalya or Boldtusk?

Hi there,

I have the resources to ascend either Boldtusk or Natalya to tier 4 but but not both (currently). Anybody have any thoughts about which I should go with first? I’m thinking BT because of his ability.

I do have a maxed Kiril already, but I also have a Grimm. Grimm is my only leveled hero with a defense lowering ability.


Natalya…Kiril, bear banners, and dragon banners can substitute for Bold until you get another 4 hidden blades.

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But then he replaces Grimm in my lineup. I only double up on blues against red titans. I don’t have another viable defense debuff hero, as my Tibertus and Gormek are T1 L1. Don’t have the blades or tools for them either. Does that make sense?

Natalya to 4th tier – especially since you have Kiril.

Even at 3/60, Tiburtus is very effective in my experience. He was my first 4* and I spent months without the trap tools to ascend him, but he was then and remains now that he’s ascended, one of my regularly used heroes. I assume, since I’ve never gotten him, that Gormek handles similarly. It’s a mistake to assume that just because a given hero can’t be taken to their final level for now, that they’re ineffective. Two rapid fire ramming pulverisers at 3/60 (I do have Grimm) annihilates a lot of opposition.

Are you using Wu? Boldtusk, Grimm or Tiburtus and Wu are the Wu trifecta

If not, directly compare them at max to see what each brings to your line up:

If you’re looking for +ATK, with a little healing thrown on top: Boldtusk. If you want -mana for your enemies, with DOT dmg: Natalya.


BT is better against titans; Natalya is better on raid offense. Which matters more to,you?


I think BT is better all around - but a solid 5* to level 80 is a really nice addition to your team so I’d ever so slightly lean there.

Boldtusk isn’t exactly better against Titans. He’s helpful for that attack buff absolutely but it’s replaceable with banners and Kiril which he already has maxed. Natalya will both help him shut down Alby on raids AND score higher on green Titans. I was looking at it from a Titan team perspective with my answer :slight_smile:

Attributes that stack

  1. Standard attack buff
    Options: Boldtusk, Kiril, Bear Banner, Dragon Banner, Ares, Lancelot, Brienne

  2. Standard defense debuff
    Options: Athena, Isarnia, Gormek, Tiburtus, Grimm, Ulmer, Valen

  3. Chance attack buff
    Options: Wu Kong

  4. Color specific defense debuff
    Options: Jackal, Panther, Falcon, King Arthur

  5. Critical buff
    Options: Ares

  6. Passive Critical Buff
    Options: 3* and 4* troops: The ones with the fourth attribute being a little target

  7. Multiple Heroes of the same color
    Preferably done with the strong color: Two, Three, Four. It all adds up.

  8. Strong Color
    Blue vs Red, Red vs Green, Green vs Blue, Purple/Yellow vs each other

  9. Titan Weak Spot Crit
    This does not stack with other crit hits like Ares or troops. This will stun your titan if you get three tiles to hit it.

When picking your team and items together for a titan try and get as many of these pieces together as you can. Even having the defense debuff and a couple strong colors will help, or an attack buff with a few strong etc. :slight_smile:

This is one of my notes in my groups line, there are several ways to get that ‘trifecta’. Wu is really the only one irreplaceable in the mix.

  1. Berserker Fury (wrong, see below)
  2. Troop bonuses

Didn’t they nerf Brienne’s stacking with regular attack buffs? I thought that was gone when they stopped Athena stacking with the pulverizers.

Whoops, you’re right.

Here’s what she is now:

Are you suggesting to replace boldtusk by using kiril+banners? I thought kiril+banners didnt stacked, which will make using boldtusk better?

No. I’m saying Kiril or banners can take his place. Kiril and the dragon banner would be slightly less but they are standard attack buffs. The buffs/debuffs part only one thing from each category. Sorry about the phrasing it should say OR Kiril.

Still I think Boldtusk will be better in overall use because I’m all for building your 4* first especially key 4* (for me, boldtusk is one of key 4*) regardless of if you already have maxed hero of similar effect/special. You can see a lot of boldtusk at last event leaderboard, even at advance level, and also great to use strong color on titans.

Also I’m confused of what OP said here :

Does he only have only enough blades to ascend either one to tier 3 or he also already have rings to ascend nat to max?

I’m reading it as he has blades and rings for Fourth tier, if it’s only going to get her to third tier and he doesn’t have the rings I’d agree Bold first :slight_smile:

If you want to stare at a green, horned, goblinoid bouncer: BT; if you want your eyeballs seared by a hot, raven-haired bombshell: Natalya.

I have 6 Mystic Rings and 4 Hidden Blades and Natalya is tier 3, level 70. My main concern is titans. I don’t care about raids right now.

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