Natalya or Azlar

Since the Halloween event started I did a 1 x 10 pull n got Azlar. I was about to level him when I decided to do a 2 x 10 pull on Atlantis n got Natalya and Agir. (The rest are feeders). Now I am at a crossroad on deciding whether to level Natalya or Azlar first. I searched for her on the forum n found some post about her but nothing note worthy of her skill to warrant the rings. Does anyone have Natalya n is she worth the rings?

I am at work so can only respond during my breaks lol.

OFC Natalya
20 things.

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I have had her since she came out. She is at 70 still and I am not sure if she will get rings yet.

She is pretty useful though so out of the 2 she is worth the rings.

Natalya if you need a general red hero

Azlar if you don’t have a better tank

They both sit in the middle. I have both as well and thinking Natalya. Azlar is a little better at Titans, but not enough to overshadow Natalya,s uses elsewhere (thinking mainly wars).

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I use Boss Wolf as a tank. I believe Natalya would be best on offense and Azlar on defense along side boss wolf. I do not have a solid offensive team yet but I believe Natalya would be a good start for that. I think I will level her b 4 azlar.

If I may…

I believe Natalya should be a priority. Her DOT & Mana slow is awesome on offense.

I am not sure you really want a very slow + a slow hero on your defense team. if you have a 4/80 Bosswolf, I would keep Azlar as a Red tile-stacking hero for titans/etc.

maybe you should wait a little longer until Zimkitha is released… November is 6 days away

Boss Wolf?

Not to derail, but I really would like to know how that is going for you. On paper he seems so full of goodness and I have enjoyed playing him at lower levels. Im so tempted to level him to 80 and flank him with Gwen on each side.

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Boss wolf is absolutely awful and I feel bad for you

I have come to appreciate Boss wolf. I get raided on a regular basis, I guess because people think boss wolf is so horrible the double n triple stack Colors against him. But his defense is insanely high. 826 at max 4/80 plus a 4* crit troop n he’s an iron wall. If the tiles are on your side it’s easy to take him down. But often it’s not. I wake up every morning and the only ones who take me down are the top players with Guin. Boss Wolf has kept me steady at 2300-2400 trophies. Back to Natalya.

As I said, I do not have a solid offensive team so Natalya will be a priority for me.

N yes on defense mana fills regardless so azlar next to boss wolf plus enemy tile damage fills their mana gauges pretty quickly!

I disagree. My best friend runs Bosswolf with a level 18 mana troop (for now) and is able to maintain 2500 cups without really trying.

He is not Guin, but (as we have all heard over and over again, no hero is Guin) he is more than a serviceable tank. Usually Boss is flanked with Joon & Drake to great effect, with both of those on Crit troops.

back to Natalya @FullMetal2 – The only real knock on Nat for defense is that the AI uses her stupidly. Other than that, she is absolutely fantastic. If you can fire her before Guin, you can effectively spay guin and neuter her guards. :slight_smile:

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@FullMetal2 I hope you have a red mana troop. Boss is best flanked with fast mana team members, it’s really the best way to make him a threat, as he stays steady while the fast mana team fires away. then if his special goes off, the match is likely over.

in my humble opinion, you can have one, but not two slow/vSlow heroes on defense.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Natalya is a raid attack goddess. She gets around so many problems by ignoring any armor, ignoring any attack debuff she has, and shutting down high priority targets like Alby or the healer. I’ve been using her in 90% of my raids since January. She takes some time to get used to but she makes raiding more strategic. She’s got well rounded stats and fast mana and I’m considering ascending a second because of my surplus rings.

Her negatives, she really is sub-par for defense. She’s got great stats but the A.I. won’t target her properly.

As for Azlar, he was my second red 5* and very welcome into my team too. But he was exactly what I needed, a red 5* for defense to replace Nat. He was my center for months with a solid success rate. Very squishy but with a high threat (better tank stats than Elena, imo). He still works in attack, he’s got good tile damage but he doesn’t help as much to sway a fight in your favor. He’s a ‘win-more’ hero, as in; if he goes off, you’d have already won the fight and he is just there to close it out.

Both have great attributes for a Titan (I’d give Natalya the edge though), but different strengths when it comes to raiding.


I understand your point. I will have to experiment.

I find with fast mana heros is that their defense is usually low ( unless you have horm, then they r great). So fast mana hero next to boss wolf can only help so much regardless of atk stats. Most players bring heavy sniper hitters to atk raids. Fast mana heros are targeted first along with healers. At least I do. I would target say GM b 4 I would target leonidas! Then the healers. Usually along the way a cascade of tiles will take out the center tank. Azlar flanking boss wolf might either b a great combo or a horrible one. I will have to try out all options.

Go ahead and raise him to 80. You will enjoy him even more.

I have both at 80 and i would recommend Azlar first. he’s fine in raiding esp when paired with another faster red, better at titans, and better on defense.

Especially if you’re filling out your defense, he’s much better there if you care about cups or wars. (PS he’s miscast as a tank he can be fine there butbreally shines flanking the tank.).

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