Natalya or Azlar?

Hi folks, I have a first world problem! I’m one ring away from fully ascending one of Azlar or Natalya.

My defense team is Alby, Tibs, Boldtusk, LiXiu, Sonya (all maxed). For offense/titans, I usually bring Wu instead of LiXiu, then double with Jackal (maxed), King A (3^70), Falcon (3^60), LJ (3^60), or Sabina (3^60).

I’m looking for the most help for my team all around - raiding, titans, AW, and defense. My average is about 50% for my defense, so it could use some shoring up, but I can generally win some overmatched offensive raids to bring those cups back in.

Anchor’s guide shows both as an overall B with Nat taking an A in offense and Azlar an A in defense.

Lastly, I have the darts for Delilah and need just one scope for King Arthur. What’s the right move?

I love my Natalya and she’s great in raid attacking.
But my defense suffers right now. I can defend a win maybe 1 out of 4 and I know it’s because I chose raid attack oriented heroes (Nat is one of them). I might also lose that often because I attack way above my weight class. I’m at ~2700 tp and regularly attack into the 4k teams and win. I think this is also because of my choice of heroes (Nat).

I don’t think that happens with Azlar on defense. I’d expect him to single handedly win you a raid defense. You seem to lack a “diamond” worthy tank and Azlar would fit that niche for you. I have never seen Arthur as tank and Delilah has been underwhelming.

On titans Azlar has a higher attack stat. But Nat brings a Mana debuff which literally saves you time by postponing the Titans 3 seconds it takes to cast it’s special (takes forever, I swear). I think Azlar edges out Nat though because of that damage.

What I’ve summed up is that there is no wrong choice. They both have their advantages and are fun to play. FWIW, you are missing fast Mana heroes in raid attacking and Nat would help you bridge that gap VS a fast team.

Maybe play eeny-miny-mo?

Nat is one of the worst red 5 stars so I’d definitely go with Azlar

If Nat, one of my most effective heroes, is one of the worst reds, I really look forward to seeing what the others are like once I can ascend them too.

I’ll go for Natalya :face_with_monocle:

Nat is lousy on defense because the AI is stupid. AoE Heroes like Azlar are great on defense in part because there is little skill needed to use it. (Not zero—you’ll do well to hold Azlar until after Vivica has cast her heal.)

You may not see your defense win rate change much, but I bet you’ll be raided less. Few people want to face him!

But contrary to @Denys view, Natalya is still very good, particularly on raid/war offense.

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