Natalya and Wu Kong

I almost feel like this is a post for bugs and fixes.

Out of sheer curiosity, I paired Natalya and Wu Kong to see if Natalya is improved by gamblers stance. Sadly, her special attack damage doesn’t increase, BUT Natalya can and will miss.

Now I am not generally one to whine and complain, but this seems broken. The healers tile damage goes up while the healers special is unaffected- it seems that Natalya should either get bonus damage thanks to Wu Kong… Or she shouldn’t miss.

In short, Natalya + Wu = innacurate Natalya without increased special damage.


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Does’t really feel fair to me, but it makes logical sense in terms of how the powers interact, and I would assume it’s intentional. Another bit of strategic interaction of special powers to pay attention to - use Natalya before Wu Kong, or hold off using her until the luck runs out.


I definitely think it’s fair

Nat already bypasses any defence buff and does 700 damage regardless of the characters defence overall which can be a good and bad thing, but good if you play level 80 5 stars

Nat needs to be looked at as a mana killer who does ‘some’ damage. Because she doesn’t do nearly as much damage as Joon or even Scarlett. But she does hurt mana and she is not dispellable. Imagine her on a team with Merlin and Little John and Li Xiu. Put a strong blue and you’ve got a team that can keep a Titan from firing.

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scarlett? lmao???

Scarlett does more than 700 damage.

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Not if you play against level 80s

And she sucks in every other aspect other than tile damage

Morgan le Fay has the same issue: Wu doesn’t help her, but can make her miss. This seems contrary to the design intent of Wu, which is to boost attacks at the cost of potential misfiring. With Natalya and Morgan, it’s a one-sided bet with no upside (except tiles).


Most people don’t have level 80s stacked in a row of 3. Remember, Scarlett hits 3.

A positive point to consider for Natalya’s special is it is unaffected by attack debuff. I’ve confirmed it in game.
Her Special’s damage is only calculated from her original attack + equipped troop.

Wu Kong +attack effect on an un-dispellable debuff sounds wrong. If any correction needs to be made, it should be restricted to removing the chance to miss.

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Agreed. Since there is no benefit from the buff, the negative aspect should also be removed.

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You guys are failing to see what kind of monster that would create. It would not be balanced if she ignored any downsides of her special if you did not also remove her upside (she ignores armor and attack debuff). It would once again just be another % damage based hero and rid her of her strategic use.

I don’t understand how this would unbalance her. She doesn’t get any benefit from Wu’s special, but she is penalized by it’s downside. We’re only talking about this specific scenario.

You’re asking to change a part of Nat and Wukong’s core design and making an “exception”.

No, not really. We’re asking that Natalya and Morgan simply not be affected at all by Wu. They get no benefit from Wu; why should they get harmed?

For comparison, why don’t healers have a miss chance with Wu? I’m not saying they should, but there is a parallel.


2spookd- I disagree. We aren’t saying she shouldn’t be affected by things like arrow attack, justice, bane, etc.

Wu Kongs effect is generated by the caster, where you gamble that you will hit for extra damage, or miss completely. IF Natalya’s special is unaffected by the buff side, it should be unaffected by the miss side and only offer increased tile damage, much like the healers are affected yet unaffected by Wu

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And a few others said that while I was typing…

Seems reasonable that or the buff take place and she can miss, or the buff don’t take place and she can’t miss.

As it is, is quite a nonsense.


I understand why you guys think it’s an unfair hero interaction. It just seems obvious to me that SG wouldn’t let her be an exception to Wukong’s debuff. Anything being applied to an enemy can miss. A healer can even miss the enemy buff removal. It’s just the way Wukong’s buff/debuff works. Not all things are created equal, hence more strategy is involved.


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