Natalia's special has no effect


While farming with my test team I notice that Natalia’s special has no damage effect. See screen shots, please.


That is because it doesnt do any initial application damage.

Next turn, it will tick and do damage.


Thank you. I have such trouble unraveling the card descriptions. Now to figure out how to use her. :thinking:


You can just fire her on riposte and not get hit back, that is the nice part of no initial damage. And her dot can’t be expelled, that is nice too :slight_smile:


She works great against an Alberich sitting in the corner. :grin:


Use her on a target you’re nuking with tiles to load your specials. That seems to work wonders :slight_smile:


Shhhh, Please don’t tell how to kill him faster. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


You’re speaking of things that haven’t happened yet, and may not happen as described. While things are in Beta they are still in flux.

Please remember to discuss Beta items in Beta. :slight_smile:


Mea culpa. Temporary stupidity (at least l hope it is temporary). Thanks for the catch.