Nasty surprise when the ham, item, and iron harvesters dont stack!

Well it was pretty upsetting when the ham, item, and iron harvesters overwrote each other. Should have made it so that if one is up, you cannot use another!!! >:(

Sure you could read but who feels like reading microprint on a phone screen… one more reason to love SG…


To be fair, it says it right there with the description of what it does :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, but it does not say that it overwrites! If one is active it’d be nice if the others couldn’t be activated!

Oh well one more dumb feature. Ho hum

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Agreed it reads as if only one can be activated at a time

File a support ticket maybe you’ll get them back in 2028

Fwiw they’re really not worth a :poop: anyways… so not a huge loss


It does. However, from a user experience point of view any operation that is potentially harmful for a user should have a warning confirmation that clearly states what is about to happen and give an option to cancel this operation.

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They’d be waaaaaay too powerful if they stacked… not

Just serves to further confirm how pointless these are as an addition to the game. Just about the only thing they do is make me scroll past them when I want to look for anything that might actually have a use


I agree they are pretty underwhelming. But omnia- and recruitharvester I use when I get a blue chest and farm 8-7. Last time I was a bit short on ressources and it really made a noticable difference. But overall I am not too fond of them, given the fact that with all the new content I barely get to farm S1 a whole day straight and using flasks on harvesters would be a waste.

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If i use any of them, i typically farm 17-1

Well except recruit harvester, don’t think I’ve ever used that one


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