Nashgar the Footballer - my 250 gems

Hi everyone, here today I’ll talk about my (2 cents) 250 gems offer:

The 250 offer
  • x1 epic hero token
  • x1 epic troop token
  • x2 Time Stops
    • x193200 iron
    • x2 dragon bone
    • x8 oil
    • x2 metal ore
How this will differ from the always avaiable best deal?
  • x10 epic hero summons = 2600 :gem:
    • x1 epic hero summon = 260 :gem:
  • x10 epic troop summon = 1600 :gem:
    • x1 epic troop summon = 160 :gem:

x1 epic hero summon + x1 epic troop summon = 420 :gem:

  • PRO

    • You actually save 170 :gem: from buying both heroes and troops at their normal best value
    • Your epic hero token can still makes you win a HOTM
    • You gain 2 time stops
  • CONS

    • Your epic hero token can’t makes you summon event’s heroes

Conclusions for the 250 gems deal:
It’s a good deal if you still need non-event’s heroes and not having ascension materials included shouldn’t refrain you to buy that deal. The best deal outta here for new players who can’t wait to collect up to 2600 and 1600 gems to make x10 heroes and troops pull and they also gain early two powerful end game battle items that could bring them to complete rare quests, gaining ascension items otherwise lost.

Good job SG. Fellow players, what will be your choice?

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The 250 offer is definitely worth it, but I’d save the epic hero token until the summer event that’s supposedly coming later this month. From what I’ve heard, the event heroes will be available from epic summons similarly to the bunnies for the spring event.

Typical! I used 300 gems 10 mins before this!! :rage:


Bought it, used my tokens bc I am not interested in the Summer heroes at all. Got Friar Schmuck and a lousy 3* red troop :expressionless:

Bought it - got Colen… I’m not unhappy :slight_smile:

Got my third kelile, good thing we need a lot of heroes for the wars.

Boril and a 3 star green troop

Skittles and minotaur. I know skittles is not the best, but even getting a 4* is a win and he’s my first green. So a good result :grin:


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