Narrower Cup Range for Raid Matching

I like to raid. I don’t like to re-roll. I think reducing the matching range from 200 trophies to 100 trophies will help the raiding experience, bringing better candidates for raiding without boring times of re-rolling, or frustrating times of hopeless battles. But if you want to go one better… you could devise a formula that takes team (or player) strength and trophies together to balance matches even better, similar in concept to how war matchmaking is done. Just my humble contribution. Thank you.

LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Would make raiding so much more level.

But… that would remove my fun of taking down teams in excess of 600 TP higher than my attack team! :scream:

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It’s relatively easy for me to find teams that are 600+ TP higher than my attack teams.

Step 1: open watchtower
Step 2: select any team that successfully raided me

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