Naming Teams?- implemented

Could we be able to name our Teams? For easy reference?

Idea proposed by Stormqueen of Misfit Toys


I would love to name teams, or even like how we can currently apply “defense” to one, let us apply “attack” and “titan” to the other two. That way, I don’t accidentally take my titan team in on a raid, which happens more often than I’d like to admit.


Hello everybody. I have an idea and I want to suggest to Empire and Puzzle team.
What do you think if we are able to edit our team ? I mean to assign them special name. Like Raidings team, titans team and world map team ? I think it would be interesting and funny :blush::blush::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:
I would be happy to have your ideas E&P family !

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This idea has been proposed before. Welcome to the conversation! :wink:

Good then ! since when did you propose that idea ?

Scroll up. I posted Stormqueen’s idea on July 29. I can’t take credit for her idea. :wink:

Yes, yes, and please yes.

I suppose with only three teams it is not so difficult to remember the purpose of each team, especially with one already having the “Defense” marker attacked, but still… this would be a great feature.

Yes please. Was just setting up my decks and had this exact thought!!! Please allow us to choose titles for our decks…raids, titans, etc!!!

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Yes, please yes.

Other than my defense team, I often get confused on what each team was primarily created for because I change them bit by bit over weeks and may only use the arrangement once.

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@Rook , that idea is better! They could implement the same button “defence team” and to give us the chance to set “titan team”

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If y’all like Stormqueen’s idea (its hers) please be sure to vote for it at the top. :wink:

Before I found this thread, I thought about to create one of my own. Defence - Titan - Attack - Quest - World map. Maybe something like that.

I made an account just to suggest this idea! I’m glad others already did :slight_smile:

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Please close to return the votes


Simply tap on the name to rename.

As the title says this was implemented already.

Idea already implemented.