Named and Shamed

If the person is shamed or if youre shamed for them then that speaks mounds of what really went into getting those 3 Atwoods

If anything he/she should be proud they were able to accomplish it.

Now if you’re just assuming that I attempted tho shame him/her then maybe you have some issues within that need resolve.

This is called a forum for a reason and people shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells to not offend those who are deemed “Keeper of the Comments” that can edit, close, or delete comments they consider less desirable or shameful.

What the f… you on about? Is this in relation to another post you made? Give us better context


Your evil accounts photo very lovely

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Lol…they deleted a post i made with a picture of a team that included a total of 3 Atwoods…and i didnt blur out the person’s name on the picture


welcome 2024 2
Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


So you broke forum policy and your post got deleted. But I still don´t get what the point of all this is?


I have given my reasons why

Not eggshells folk have to walk on. Trust im pretty laid back on some stuff.

First comment was money and that what the whole topic would have been… Money :thinking:

So how would else this topic gone please let me know as id like the feed back . If not about the cash…



Ok … seen what this is about in another thread ….

The one thing I can agree on is that this is an E&P forum ….

It’s a forum with rules to protect yourself and others ….

So if you use the forum we MUST all abide by the rules (even if you don’t like them or don’t agree with them) …

You should have been aware that posting a photo that included a players name is a no no … and it’s going to attract the attention of either SG or one of our moderators (who play their part well and who do it for free - so every credit to them). The result was that your post got deleted….

It’s no big deal to be fair. You break the rules and it came with a minor cost. Nothing more than a deleted post ….

The problem we would all have is …. Where do you draw a line with regards to rules? I have seen players bend them slightly and we get a moderator post to say “behave yourselves” … which is fair play

But I wouldn’t want players knowingly breaking forum rules without action being taken to correct whatever is necessary …

So in short take it on the chin and abide by the forum rules like the majority of us look to achieve …

@Dudeious.Maximus … did nothing wrong other that fairly apply the forum rules for the good of everyone involved …


This your starting topic aswell …

Not a great title to be fair.

You could of took a different approach on the whole topic .

Why not put how would you approach this team if you see it in a war or a raid.? :thinking:

Would anyone level all 3 of them?

If you had this hero who would use with.

Nothing :expressionless::green_heart:


There are times when it ok to post players names and defence. Like fighting familiar names topic. As it more in goood vibes.


If anyone wants to see the team.

Thanks @Tidyup for doing it the correct way.


Every team can be beaten :wink:


Boa tarde ,peço desculpas

Cant really shame a person because they have more expendable cash than you.

I dont agree with pouring thousands into computer games, but I couldnt do that if I wanted to so my opinion is irrelevant.

Its an ePeen team more than anything else. Theyve got it so they flaunted it.


I would attempt to attack via this team… get my 9 reds and its GG otherwise meh worth a try :upside_down_face:

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Just black out the player’s name next time. Those in the know, will know who that player is.

Those curious will check global leaderboard. Or beep global group chats for info. :laughing:

Gotta give it to that player for trying that hard to secure whoever he wanted from CoK.


CoK is the right word.


If luck weren’t involved, that would represent about $3000 US. A billionaire making 5% return makes about $5000/hr for doing nothing at all. People have different value systems and to some this is money well spent.

To someone who makes $5000/hr, $3000 feels the same as $30 would to someone who makes $50/hr.


Anyone who believes any aspect of this game is “well spent” is deluding themselves :man_facepalming::rofl:


:rofl::joy: I did a rough calculation too. Came to that estimate as well. :rofl::joy:

Agree. Everyone’s value system is different.

Let’s see if he ploughs on with the rest of the Secret Heroes and eventually field a Secret defence team. :grin:

I am far down the food chain so players like these are a boost to Zynga’s bottom line. Perhaps it may allow Team Zynga to actually slow down the ongoing Power Explosion. :laughing: