Name Your Favorite “Non-Hero”

Try Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung which means “car insurance” :smiley:

@Kerridoc @RandaPandah @Mariamne @Petri @Shadownova

You guys rock! Thanks for all the help and hard work!




Oh my!!! I had forgotten the looks! :see_no_evil:


Why do you think Bruno and I have so much fun about the Sand Empire? :rofl:


Have you forgotten the moves?


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Thanks to you, I just discovered who featured in that awesome videoclip as an odalisque.


Is this for real? Omg noooooo

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Olha o quibe!


Aw how sweet (see how I came with a reply? :wink: )


She makes the snake go up, the snake go up, the snake go up… Lol

I had this “darling” song in my mind all day! Thanks! :neutral_face:

And i soo had forgotten the moves! Shame on me!

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I wanna give a shout out to @Garanwyn for being the guaranteed laugh of my day on the Count to 15 topic dun by @Saphirra. Also a :+1: for @Saphirra too for making that topic. It can b found here and beware the Mods r sneaky!!!


So your the reason i got on and say 127 post in there? Lol. It’ll make it livelier


Over 1000 new ones for me

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There’s a bug in that thread. I think it’s adding all the numbers we posted since we started playing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Atlanstrong textta202strong text0 that’s my favorite thing strong text

Since this thread has been necro’d… I will take a moment to give a few shoutouts for positivity’s sake.

Shoutout to my alliance mates!

@sleepyhead for being an amazing, kind, and helpful co-leader with a brilliant roster to boot;

@sft1965 for your humor, blunt straightforward honesty, and charming grumpiness that I can fully appreciate, and a solid roster that is better than you give yourself credit for;

@amrath for your teamwork, support, willingness to keep learning and getting better - even though you are already good, your scores have proven that, you are much better than you think you are;

@Duaneski love your wit and humor, and your roster is incredible; you are still one of our newer members, but I appreciate everything you and your better half have brought to the table so far and look forward to having you both on board with us for a long time to come;

All the others in my alliance who do not have accounts on the forum, but are all amazing in their own ways!


@JonahTheBard for all the bardic entertainment you’ve provided, for being a “stern but fair” moderator, and for the assistance and teamwork you provided when you came to visit us;

@Rook for being a kind and understanding cat that only scratched my face off a couple of times, when I probably deserved worse;

@littleKAF Mister Moo Cow, while it’s annoying when you constantly block us from winning our forum games, I appreciate the friendly competition;

@zephyr1 long time no chat, but I always appreciated your helpful and honest posts;

Lots of other regular members I appreciate as well (many of whom unfortunately do not post here anymore)… but I know the forum puts a limit on how many users I can tag, and it would take forever to remember them all, not to mention impossible to rank them.


@TGW thank you for the shout-out - and let me add (and not just because you tagged me first, lol), thank you for being such a wonderful leader (one who invited me over - that meant a lot!), one who cares actively for each and every member’s well-being. And one who is fair, appreciative and fights for the little guy, as evidenced by your forum posts.

And double echo to all that you’ve said, re our wonderful ally-mates @sft1965 @amrath @Duaneski , and of course for all the lovely moderators here :slight_smile: (whom I will not tag anymore as I know you’re all busy enough as it is!)


You deserve the shout out. While I love all of my alliance members, you are probably the one who is most qualified to be a “leader” in my absence. I think if I had my choice to pick any person from this forum to be a co-leader, you would be my first choice. I consider myself extremely lucky to have snagged you up before anyone else could. :grin:

I probably shouldn’t have tagged the mods, now that you mention it… didn’t mean to take away from their busy schedules. Lots of other forum regulars I could have (and wanted to) tag as well.

RE: the co-lead thing… nothing at all against my other alliance mates, not saying they wouldn’t make for good leaders as well, but I kind of got the impression that they weren’t particularly interested in leadership roles anyway. It’s not as much fun as it looks, LOL.

You happen to possess all the qualities a leader should have. You are empathetic, active, knowledgeable, always willing to lend a hand, you’re an absolute team player, not at all selfish, you’ve got that infectious eternal optimism thing going on (which I never could quite fully muster in myself)…

There are times when I log in and think, “oh boy, this war is going to suck… how do I break it to the team that we’re probably going to lose…”

But then there you are, fighting the good fight, determined not to let the overwhelming odds slow you down at all… and I think "damn… okay, you know what? Maybe we can get this one. GOOOOOO TEAM!!!"


awww! you are making me blushh :wink:

I think what you and I have in common re leadership, is that we don’t want to be leaders for the power… we both just want what is best for the alliance. (I always tended to shy away from leadership, hee hee!)

Eternal optimism… I think it’s not my nature.

And please don’t second-guess yourself for tagging the mods! I just didn’t do it so they would not be tagged twice in the same thread :wink: I think it’s very sweet and thoughtful to tag them.


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