Name Your Favorite “Non-Hero”

Ok. So we have been talking a LOT lately about positive vibes making it back to the forum. Well I propose this.
Name your favorite regular/member.
That’s right. Let’s make them blush but also show some seriously overdue appreciation on its own dedicated subject rather than likes and thanks spread all about. Whether they make u laugh or give great advice or go WAY out of their way to provide guides and resources. Here is your chance to say thanks and let them know how u appreciate their feedback and posts.
I’ll even get the ball rolling with the first reply to this and trust me I’ll add more because I have the memory of a gnat and will forget a name or two…
So let’s show that this is a group who is thankful and happy to b here…


@Razor, @Zephyr1, @Garanwyn, @Olmor, @Rook, @_John_Doe and @JonahTheBard.
:pray: to u all!


I like to say thx to the board, which is really amazing and to all the frustrated, who can leave their steam here, which will hopefully help them to feel a little more comfortable afterwards.

And for sure to all the nice people spending their time here to help, to talk, to share advice and to spread good vibes all over the place.

There are too many to name em all and I’m afraid of leaving one or two out, so thx to all of you guys and girls.



@BarryWuzHere ushered in the agricultural revolution for me :corn::corn::corn:


@Uclapack by far my most looked up to player since I have started the game along with @Rigs, @JonahTheBard, @Kerridoc, and of course @Razor. these guys along with anchor have given me the most to learn from and the most humor and inciteful information to help my allaince reach it’s full potential. in the top 1300 alliances currently and climbing. thnx for all your help.

Almost forgot my good friend Anchor who is no longer with is but is with us in spirit. miss you bro


Of all the posts on here the ones i’ve read the most are probably by @Rigs and @Rook.

The guy who’s posts i’ve found the most useful are probably @Garanwyn because you know that when he posts it’s backed up by facts rather than just opinion


I liked @Rook in the forums so much that I decided to visit her alliance when I first had a chance to roam on a pass titan. (And I still love visiting there when I can!)

I enjoy posts by @Brobb as they are intelligent, interesting, and when snarky, generally very entertaining!

@Mariamne’s and @Pois1’s info-graphics are fantastic.


There was a thread like this at the end of last year.

Beloved Players

So I won’t repeat all those nominations again, but they all still stand.

I will add @zephyr1 for superb, balanced moderating, @Olmor for a plethora of comic capering, @Dante2377 for being eminently sensible and @General_Confusion for co-operative wisdom sharing


Well thanks, @JonahTheBard!

I think you meant @Dante2377 :slight_smile:


Amended. Although I’m sure the other guy is also super :wink:


My attempts at being condescending and emotionally unavailable have failed. I will try harder this year. :smiling_imp:


Hopefully your german is as funny as my english. :wink:

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I can do ich bin ein berliner and vorsprung durch technik

Neither are very funny :neutral_face:


C I totally forgot @Brobb and @Kerridoc. Shout outs to them too. Glad to c people saying thanks in this format. Good looks all!


Well it’s good to have goals!

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Good idea @EVA01
@JonahTheBard @Brobb @Rigs @Olmor @Rook @_John_Doe @Garanwyn Thank you for the information, the sarcasm, and the humor.


@Elpis and @FraVit93 have some of the most humorous posts!


Not gonna lie @JonahTheBard has some pretty ■■■■ good posts. Also @Olmor has some stellar one liners. He’s sneaky quick with the replies. And humor is important! Remember ur fav can b someone who makes u laugh or someone who has given u the best info and/tips. Whatever it may b now is ur time to tell em!


I’m just glad some of the real helpers and genuinely funny and upbeat people here r getting some shouts. That’s all I wanted to convey and am happy others r too. If u help others and make them laugh too u deserve a thanks. If I could dole out Athenas and Gravemakers I would but this was my best option because well to b honest I like u all but if I actually a stockpile of both I wouldn’t share… :laughing:


And I wanna include @NPNKY too. Almost forgot


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