Name that 5* hero

Name that 5* hero that you have but never maxed because you pulled a new 5* that took president

Mine would be Aeron…

He’s been sitting at 3/60 since Khiona was pulled


Kunchen. Started bringing him to max… then I pulled Hel. Then Guardian Panther.


Obakan. Like most of us. One of my first 5* and will sitting on 3/27 like…hm…forever?:thinking:

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Khagan, received him once during an Atlantis pull and a second time from TC20. I don’t think he’ll ever get rings.

Joon. Because: Viv; Drake; Inari; Poseidon; Ravnir

And my alliance just switched to yellow tanks, and Onatel is also at 3/70 and Neith on the possible horizon… poor Joon.


I have Mok-Arr, Thorne, Elkanen, and Kadilen x2 all on the long waiting list… (Finley before Thorne; Sartana before Mok-Arr; Kingston before the Elves). Justice and Joon are sitting at 3/70, but Joon is getting the darts, if I ever find two more of them…

For me it has been Khagan.


Inari, Ranvir, and Joon all left him sitting at 3-70 as they arrived and stepped ahead in line.

I’m up to 2 Darts now, hoping Leonidas will finally get his turn next.


Azlar. I pulled Marjana and left him at 3.70, then pulled Anzogh, then Red Hood, then Grazul. Poor fella


Richard 3.40 due to Missy, Frida, Ariel, Athena…

Khagan 3.34 due to Azlar, Marja, Grazzy, Zimi…

Musashi 3.70 due to Inari, Joon, Owl, Guin…


Kunchen. I got Sartana after that and decided to max her. By the time I finished and had enough Tabbards, I got Seshat. Well finally I am upto 4 Tabbards again, and hopefully Kunchen will get his due respect, unless I magically get Kageburado/Ursena from Atlantis coins. :stuck_out_tongue:


Azlar (my very first 5*), and out of TC20. He is still on tier 2, but specials already maxed. Since 5* takes so long to max (normally), I’ve prioritized leveling 3* and 4* first before him, so Gormek, Wilbur, Sumitomo, Colen, Nahamage and Scarlett all received attention before Azlar. Was going to work on him some more when only Scarlett was the only red left still unfinished, then Marjana came out of TC20, so she took priority over Azlar and Scarlett because I needed an upgrade over Kelile.

I will probably work on Azlar after Marjana is maxed in conjunction with Scarlett (assuming she has not been finished by that time).

You never really forget your first… No, not Azlar, not the Last of the Leors.

Viv was my first 5* ever and remains at 2/60 due to:
Right about here

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Quintus, because most purples take priority over him. Oh wait, ****, I did max him :upside_down_face::sob::persevere:

I know I’m going to get flamed for this but my next “name that” hero is probably Evelyn because I want to max Tarlak. Tarlak = titans = tonics = future Eve, no?


MokArr , because every other five-star I pulled Will always be ahead of him. Yeah that’s it :joy::sunglasses:


Aeron because Kage, Hel, Panther, Kunch, Ursena and Seshat plus dupes happened. Seems I pull a dark 5* or 2 every 10x. Maybe I’ll finally give Aeron mats in 3 years, poor Aeron.


I have Seshat 3.70 and was set to go in few days after I got my 6th tabard from the rare quest at the end of last month. I unexpectedly got Kage when he wasn’t featured and gave the tabards to him instead. Seshat will be next though, although Kunchen should be featured in January so if I don’t get 4 more tabards by then and he pops up I’ll have a decision to make.

Viv. Because Drake-Drake-Joon and I really avoid slow heroes. But if somehow I pull her costume, I will definitely max her.

So much sad face for this. I hope tabards rain down on you. That poor kunch.

The first world problems don’t end there; I also need to max Seshat and Kageburado. I need a flood of tabards

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