Name me a stronger TITAN SETUP - damage score

Athena - Jott - Frida - Miki - Kiril ( or Vela for crit + red att down)

You get :

  • defense down
  • empowered blue tiles
  • attack up 2x ( stacking)
  • ice defense down

Bonus : def up, silence titan, extra dmg to red

Ill wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Better off bringing a hero with a higher attack stat than Kiril and spamming dragon banners. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You also need a healer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe swap Vela for kiril, for 10%crit

Yes, smart- Also reduces attack of red titan!

Tarlak in place of Kiril would be stronger. You don’t lose a lot of attack from Kiril but make everyone else 100% stronger and a dragon banner on top for 130% and no misses. Or cap at 160% with the Jott enhanced tiles.

Wu Kong Wong make it crazier still if you like to gamble :joy:

There’s no HIGH damage without Wu Kong.

There is already miki? I believe miki and wu are not stacking?

My bad…I forgot Miki did that :joy:

It’s a good set up against Red for sure

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