Name changing for free

Changing your name in the game should be free. It’s my own account, I should be able to change my name whenever I want for free. Certainly not for 500 gems. That’s insane.

It was free once. It was abused by trolls and used for impersonations and harrassment in the game and chat, to the point that the current price was put in to discourage the practice.
Blame the kinds of people who act like that for spoiling things for everyone else. I doubt it’s going to be changed back.


Also the first change is free, use that wisely.


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Well that sucks. They should try it again. lol

Or allow it once a year or something. That idea might work. What do you think?

I doubt they’ll try again, though I personally wouldn’t mind if they did. Unfortunately the gem charge was created because people abused the privilege of free name changes, and SG’s solution was one which not only limits abuse and harassment of their customers, but also makes them more money.
It’s a two-fer for SG, so I don’t see them changing their minds or doing something different any time soon.

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I hope they stick with the current system

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Why @Rigs? Maybe not completely free but once a month or so. Some mates of my second alliance (alliance name is “Metal and Bier”) wish to add -\m/- after their names. For some this is not possible anymore…I also don’t want people abuse it but once a month should not be a bog problem…

I guess once a month could be alright

I just personally have no complaints about the current system so i’m biased to the “if it’s not broke, dont fix it” way of thinking on this.

I’ve never had an issue with cosmetic changes costing money though since there is no advantage or disadvantage in place from those features.

1 concern is troublesome players not having to spend to clear their name, might encourage toxic behavior if they can cause problems for 29 days knowing on the 30th day they can simply change their name. Sure we still see that problem with current system, but could be amplified by a free one. Blocking system helps track those players but not everyone gets a chance to block those players.

It really wouldn’t have much effect on me one way or the other. I just think it’s definitely near the bottom of the list of things devs should be thinking about though.

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I agree, also name of team.

Dear developers ,

I used one free try and changed my IGN when I started to play . Now I like to put another name but it costs 500 gems. Since I’m not a spender to buy gems , 500 gems seem to be very high to me . So I suggest from 1 free try , plz make it to 2 free try so that it’s very helpful.

How to give second free try to change IGN
=> you can give it as an achievement to get that second free try name

Waiting for your responses

Thanks .

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