Name Change Question – Do I have to pay to change my name back to my original name?

I still have the name the system gave me, many months later. I thought it was different, and kind of funny so I haven’t been in a rush to change it. But it doesn’t really fit me.

So I am wondering…I am aware the first name change is free, then it costs 500 gems for any further changes.

If you change your name, do you have the option of returning to the old one for free, or does it cost gems to do that?

Thanks !

Sorry, you have to pay. And pay and pay and pay and pay…

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This seems to confirm what @LSLordy said, that you’d have to pay again:

:joy: Why does that not surprise me?!?!

Thanks guys!

Back to more agonizing over names :grimacing:


(or pay in :gem: for your mistake :wink:)


it shows the money making rip off this game is

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