Namahage attack buff canceled when using zimkitha

Namahage has the special ability the red head he receives attacker receives +45 and for every hit he gets extra. But if you have an other hero giving extra attack buff than his special ability is removed. So you cannot have 25+ attack and his ability. I think this is a bug… I played with a red team with zimkitha and boldtusk…

Also its strange that when you have boldtusk 48+ and you attack with zimkitha you lose the 48+ and only have the 25+ attack.

Check this thread, it shows what status are overwritten by what other status.

In your case, those are 2 attack up, so it is normal that it overwrite the other.
Only solution is to be more cautious when you pair them


Not strange at all. Certain buffs overwrite each other.

But is it not more logical that the highest stays…

But I gone test some more… :joy:

But thanks for the replay

It is logical. Otherwise the buffs would be too powerful.

There are however some exceptions:
Wu Kong and Ranvir stack with other attack buffs
Miki stacks with other attack buffs but only up to +170% attack in total
Tarlak stacks with other attack buffs but only up to +160% attack in total

Also Miki and Tarlak buff only normal damage, their buffs don’t apply to special skills.

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