Nadezhda’s first charge kind of Pointless

Agrafena’s 1st charge isnt much better

Miniscule DOT, attk and def down.

2nd charge isnt great either

Agrafena’s first charge is perfect, as a first charge should be, with her you can break all defense up from the enemy, like Vivica’s or Freya ‘s , doesn’t matter is only 15% it works like a defense up dispel.
The second charge is pretty awesome.

I don’t know SG intentions, all I know is Jade sucks badly.

Valid points raised but if you consider on attack Nadezhda is a great hero. On defence I see a valid point…but…not every single Legendary hero deserves total unconditional ascension. The game and roster specific players just requires attention to detail and unique style of play. My two cents and a gem!

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Milena fire first charge to cleanse and heal

Agrafena fire first charge to dispel defense up from enemies and give the -15%.

Cristobal fire first charge to finish any enemy is below 50% health.

Mortega fire first charge to protect allies with minnions.

Nadezhda fire first charge for what???
Revive if you get killed? Thats it

Nadezhda is only for attack, we are not even discussing her on defense, I play her like a slow hero only for her second charge. I mean it would be better to make her a slow hero without that first charge, that way we could use her on defense.

Just imagine you have a red MN. MN doesn’t have a tier 1 skill, but she’s still an A+ hero. Would you rather have Agrafina with weak skills on both tiers?

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A cool and smart idea for first charge would be,
20% chance to fully charge her by triggering the first charge or 15%.
You are about to die? Gamble with low chance.
Or get rid of her first charge completely, make her a slow red mother north, to use her on defense.

Well, if you pair her with Emilio, you can burn more, heal all the team, protect her from dying unexpectedly and protect your team from having status ailments.
Do you still think its pointless?

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Pair her with Emilio? I know that sunergy very well, only problem I don’t have Emilio and maybe will never get him, Emilio isn’t Boltusk or Colen to get him all the time.

I think she is an excellent hero NADEZHDA and the first charge remains exceptional because you don’t have to consider her at the beginning but during the game. Think Tyr or Cilian or Atomos. At certain moments in the game it becomes fundamental, and if Nadezhna is standing, it can mean bringing the whole team back to life.

I don’t even know this hero. :joy::man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

I think that is pointless at all. Just 2 turns, and she’ll die quickly. I have 2, and sometimes I feel like it’s a kind of joke.

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Nobody has a more stupid skill than Anton. Even Valeria and Carol weak garbages are better.

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