Nadezhda’s first charge kind of Pointless

How about Nadezhda’s first charge? That is the weakest 1st charge in all heroes they have charge mana right? That burn damage is really insignificant.
I believe it is kind of weak and most of all pointless.
Her 2nd charge is pretty sweet, but don’t see a point in her first charge… how about a small healing like Milena or more burn damage?? Or a cleanse, or something else… I believe the didn’t think that well enough.
thank you.

The burn can be negligeable but the self revive wich comes along is a very good skill.


Practically not, sounds good but its not that handy, fire on the first charge for what, to get killed and revive again? With empty mana… and need again 12 tiles to charge 2nd charge… we are taking wars in to consideration not map missions and quests.

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I will take Nadezhda’s first charge over that of many other heroes specials. Yes the DoT damage is low, but at Very Fast speed with a revival effect to go along with it, that’s nothing to snicker at.

Remember that we are talking about Very Fast speeds here, the 1st charge can’t be absolutely amazing.

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The x100 charge is mostly to keep her into the battle or to act as an enabler for Russel/Emilio, she can even be timed properly on attacks, making it easy to be healed after her self resurrection.

As defender it’s always a risk but at least she could cast it instead of being defeated before reaching 200% mana.


All other tower heroes have amazing first charges, tell me one weaker very fast special? can I ask a question? Do you guys have Nadezhda? Or just commenting because you read her card. Because I use her and her first charge not only is weak, most of all is pointless.

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Well that’s mostly fair, compared to the first charge of the other Magic 5* heroes, hers is the weakest alongside maybe Milena’s. Milena’s heal is almost completely useless IMO, but her VF cleanse is helpful.

You won me over Mushie, buff Nadezhda’s first charge to provide 300 burn damage over 2 turns!

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More burn than C.Gravemaker and with a revive affect, wouldn’t be bad…

Wow. You obviously haven’t looked too hard at Jade’s card.

Talk about pointless. Perhaps on D if the AI was programmed to fire her immediately once any hero on offense reached full mana then I could see it being useful there. On offense pointless. On defense not effective if the AI chooses to wait until she takes damage or gets to 3x.

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Just something to make us fire her on first charge, I would be happy with a cleanse and nothing more for example. The burn is totally insignificant doesn’t hurt opponents at all. So in the end, what does she do, if she gets killed she revives again. I mean come on do something. In high level wars that is a pretty useless special. 6 tiles + 12 tiles you are pretty dead or with so many tiles you have won the fight already

I have her and sadly she is kind of pointless. First charge is a minimal burn. Second charge is v slow, and has such a low chance of revive it barely happens, plus the def boost effect only lasts for three turns.

Sadly she is a low-mediocre hero. (IMO!)

If her first charge burn applied to all enemies, and was a little stronger, it’d be good. If her revive chance was a little higher, and/or the def boost lasted longer, it’d be good!

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Jade needs a buff too, they hate him lol, all the other ninjas are so good he is useless

I have him and will never ever level him, so bad

Thank you, it’s different when you have her, used her and see her in battle, than to just read her card. My thoughts exactly. She needs some thought on that first charge, and one extra turn on second charge effects, would be sweet. All other tower heroes are really good, I mean after all she is the Tower’s Headmaster.

Jade. Nadezha’s is leagues better than Jade’s.

Yeah Jade is the worst of all no question, he definitely needs some buff. But that’s another topic

I agree. Most frustrating part is when you compare her to her fellow mages’ 1st special.
I feel like I literally wouldn’t lose a thing without that first charge. What’s more ! it’d be much more useful without it since rush wars and tournaments or even in simple defense. That first charge practically makes Nadezhda useless in a bunch of situations and that’s very sad. :confused:

Totally agree pointless first charge, they did not thought this well, that burn is soooo weak… better if she was a slow hero that could revive. You could use her on defense too and on fast wars she would be great.

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I’m not sure Jade needs a buff. Isn’t it SG’s intention to use heroes like Jade and Salmon Loki to further lower the summoning odds in order to make more money.

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They should at least add 30% dot over one more turn to make her first shot valuable. The reviving skill and that low, cleansable, damage don’t really do much at the end.

Milena’s cleansing and healing is way better, try and see.

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