Nadezhda or MN?

I just got Nadezhda from the Portal… I also have MN, regular version unleveled… And I have Milena +20… Which would be better to do, Nadezhda or MN? With the new buff to Magic Nadezhda+Milena +75% chance to cast +5% Mana Gen stack to random ally each Special cast… I also have maxed Russell so Nadezhda would play well with him too… Which would u do??

Both cause they are of different color

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Personally I would prioritize Mother North. She is a bit faster in general (and a lot faster in rush) and has a higher revive chance.

This does not mean that Nadezdha is not worth the mats, just that if I were to choose, I’d choose Mother North.

  • Nadezhda
  • Mother North

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On defense, i find (subjectively) that mother north revives more often than alby, heimdall, or nadez ie. I really have to focus on killing off MN vs the others.

On offense, it would really depend on your playstyle and who else you have. I can see that you like to stack some colors… so this combo (nadez-russel- maybe JF or gravy?). I think if your goal is offensive revival, mother north is pretty reliable- but of course fires relatively longer. Nadez has more flexibility esp if running with other burners.

Personally, i would highly recommend MN. I find her revive to be truly gamechanging and has saved me more times than i could count- even if im down 1vs4, MN revives 2 or 3 and then they fire and its now 3vs1.

Considering nothing else I prefer “ninja” and “magic “ because of the flexibility of shooting at different charge. For some people (myself) it is worth more than a slight slower than oder slow heroes e.g. MN.

I would upgrade both but start with Nad.

Happy gaming

It’s not subjective and not on defense only :slight_smile: Mother North has the highest revive chance in the game, higher than any of those mentioned.

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I know, but being familiar with a lot of people online, i find it less toxic to place a disclaimer in front of these statements lest i get hit with online negativity… :sweat_smile:

the percentage is highest for MN and in-game I just really “feel” the revive chance.


Sorry, I meant who would u prioritize Cleric Emblems for, not who would u do… I have the mats for both… My bad :disappointed:

MN all day, every day.

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My current Red Stack is Elizabeth-Lady Loki-BK-Zim-GM… It’s a great, great team… I win almost all my Raids with it… But I am kinda looking to change it up… Maybe to something like: Elizabeth-Nadezhda-BK-Russell-GM… Maybe add a lot more Burn to it & now have healing on the team…

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I do love mono stacking… my red mono team is grazul-zenobia-JF-zim-elizabeth… im still a bit short on mana troops… zenobia needs a 17 (i think…) to charge together with the rest… grazul provides an early heal and protect. If i may comment, do you need a healer for your stack? I have grazul as a quick heal and zim for the secondary heal, i find that they have kept me alive most of the time.

I do like nad and gm firing within 6 tiles and the next turn russel can already fire.

I had the same dilemma and ended up going with Nadez. (Now I will do both). Here is my reasoning. When fighting against MN she rezed a lot but the health was so low it wasn’t hard to take them out again. Only real issue was if the rezed hero was already fully charged.

Since I have been using Nadezhda I have grown to really like and appreciate her. When she revives the hero gets 40%, gets damage reduction, AND heals for 714 over time. The big kicker is 50% of the time she heals for an additional 30%.

So on those 50% times here is what you get:

Hero revived with 40%
All heroes (including revived) get additional 30%
All heroes get 714 health over time
All heroes get damage reduction
And then the bonus chance at a hero getting a 5% mana stack if more than one mage on the team.

Yes she is sloooow , but when she hits it’s game changing.

Side note, her tile attack value is over 200 more than mother north, and if you are in a bind with her close to death, she can do some damage and set up a self revive.

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I think it depends on what do you need more atm. If it’s for defence I think MN is a better choice , not cos she has a better chance on reviving but bcos her special isn’t based on luck like Nad’s .By having Nad on defence , you can’t be sure if she will fire on 1rst charge or on the 2nd… BUT, if attack is your priority,I choose Nad all the way…44% chance on revive is good plus your heroes will get damage reduction ,healing over time and if her passive ability kicks in then not only you’ll have your heroes back but they will be fully healed in no time. Also,on attack,you get to choose when to fire on 1rst charge and when on the 2nd and don’t underestimate that 1rst charge,I have her and I have won many raids just bcos her 1rst charge kept me alive enough so I could be able to fire her on the 2nd. Also, She is not slower than MN. It’s 12 tiles untill her 2nd charge , exactly like MN!
Happy gaming and have fun with whoever is your choice :slightly_smiling_face:

Aaand I’ve just seen that you were talking on who to use emblems on :person_facepalming:… My answer it’s still the same though, emblems on MN if it is for defence and on Nad if it is for attack…

I don’t necessarily need a healer, at all… But Nadezhda fills O & Def roles depending on her charge, Burn on the 1st & revive and heal with her 2nd if need be…

I’m not necessarily thinking of her on Defense… I might do a test of her & Milena together for a bit to see if the +75% chance of +5% Mana Gen stack helps with the cups… Other than that she’s was mainly for the Red Stack & Tournaments… But I do like the analysis of Nad’s extra healing over MN above!! :+1:

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I would definitely go with Mother North due to her higher revival chance and she is an invaluable asset when it comes to rush tournaments. Nadezhda will have to go through at least two full charges just to reach her revival potential. She is still a great hero but Mother North just does it a bit faster.

Mother north. Because you can also use her on VF wars.

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Just got Kravekrush, Zagrog, & Guan Yu to put into the Mats Equation!! Lol