🧙 Nadezhda – 5* Fire / Red from Tower of Magic

Yea both are good heroes, and i dont have garnet so grazul is important. Nad is more for rainbow, 3-2 and 4-1 because of her passive. She’s perfect in defense i think

She should either have higher burn damage equal to 400 over 2 turns or summon 2 dragon minions that does burn damage equal to freyas poison.

Um, no she should not. Nobody wants a VF C Azlar. I guess you pulled this one? LOL

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You catght me lol, yea. But i think it should be a bit more like GM with no indirect damage as my only reason. But I know they are trying to make 1st charge quite weak.

So i just maxed her, now which talent path should i choose? We want her to stay alive so i’m guessing health and shield? Whaddya guys think? Oh and one more thing… will she be good to be paired with Mother North? Cause i’ve seen MN and Heimdall or Alberich all over the game

I was stuck on it too and going to go def/health when possible.

Yep… she’s at TL 14 with shield and health

Are people enjoying using her? She seems a bit meh to me. (I have her at 3-70 waiting for final pov ring).
Her v fast charge is a tickle of dot, and a brief reincarnation window.
Her slow charge is the revive obviously, which helps in the circumstances when your team is mostly destroyed, and a heal equivalent to cMelendor (same health over time, similar defence boost) but without the dispel.
Any words from people who use her?

How is she on defense?
I suspect she works like the Ninjas, keep firing that Tier-1 or not?

If that is the case then she will never use her revive skill!

There is some random factor for these multiple charge heroes.
On defense sometimes they firing at the first charge and sometimes at the second charge.
(On low health they are always firing after the first charge)


I had put her shortly on my defense and requested alliance mates to attack me. Results were that it was a 50/50 chance whether she would fire her second charge. Conclusion was that she is unreliable for defense if you are wanting her there for the 2nd charge.


I just maxed her and have her at +18, but am having trouble finding a team that works well with her on attack. On a red heavy 3-2 or 4-1, if you can get to 12 tiles, you don’t need her heal or revive at all, and as an off-color, her revive seems a bit unreliable. Does anyone have any good experience with her on offense or possible synergies?

I also have her at +18. Have had for a couple of weeks. She sits on my defence because I wanted to try that, but I don’t see any difference in cups compared to another red hero in there.

I’ve tried her as the lone red in attacking teams, 3-1-1, 2-2-1, 4-1, and she hasn’t proven very game changing yet. A couple of times everyone gets healed up, but I haven’t had an abundance of resurrections to make me really happy.

Slightly concerned I may have wasted some rings there…

IMO she is a great healer and reviver but with a niche hero usage.

She works best in attack
where you can select the x2 ability to use her special

but in defense she totally unreliable and untrustworthy
since the x1 or x2 special it’s randomly selected.
Note that If she has low hp she always chooses the x1 special.

I wouldn’t use her in defense,
but as a second healer/reviver in all other uses.

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I was thinking about a 2-1-1-1 kinda rainbow team with her and Emilio as red. So within very fast speed, you get the whole opponent on fire and your team on HOT. After that the other three rainbows can be for survival and mana boost like Sif or Odin (which I don’t have) or simply general good hero’s like morel Frigg. Or even the other magic tower hero’s.

Even something like Bera Nadez Ludwig Emilio Wolfgang reverse V formation
(In my dreams)

What does it mean by 30 percent health, but not red? I’ve used her with my red mono team and they all get health as it says in charge 2, but what’s that other thing mean?

That’s her passive skill (bonus) if she’s on charge 2 she has a 50% chance to give health to non reds

I took this yesterday during the raid tournament. Alfrike was revived, got the 30% passive healing bonus, and then normal HOT from special skill.

The passive won’t help in a mono team.

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Is the 50 percent all at once or scattered through a few turns like the 600? Thanks for the info

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