Na Fianna Nua - Just got rid of a dud, now have room for new blood! 1 Spot open!

My level is 81. I have 40+ 5* upgraded heroes and a lot of 4* upgraded heroes.
Mana troops starting at level 21 and ending at level 26.
I can beat Titans 14*
In the war of alliances, I throw off all flags according to the tactics or requirements of the alliance.
I actively play and am constantly in the game.
All English-speaking alliances use the messenger Line in their communication, which is prohibited on the territory of my country. Because of this, I have difficulties in selecting a foreign alliance.
I am ready to consider any suggestions if you are interested in me.
I am from Russia, I live in Moscow. My native language is Russian. I don’t speak English very well.
Thank you for your attention and I am very sorry for my English.

Just won the last war, we are still in need of two more warriors. Come in and check us out.

Hi there, sorry for the wayyyy late reply, if you are still looking (probably not, but that’s my fault) I’m sure we could work something out!

Bump! Still looking, come check us out!

Bump! Still looking, come check us out!

Bump! Still looking, come check us out!

2 spots now open after war, member had to be kicked due to no flag use after many warnings. We still won tho :smiley:

Bump, one spot open! come check us out

Wanting to try and change alliance come in and check us out. We are still in need of one more member to complete the team.

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