Myztero special not working

For a hero that you had a .01% chance of getting. He sure under performs. His special - when it covers off - doesn’t seem to do the amount of damage it should do when you have a few special attacks memorized.

Should he not do the same amount of damage the original special memorized would do? He’s hitting for 100+ points despite having 2-3 specials memorized.

I’m regretting maxing him.

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He doesn’t memorize damage received. He only memorizes the status ailments.


That was my understanding as well

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Is the bug that the hero is operating exactly as its supposed to?


I thought it could be for all speciall skill including direct damage.
So this means it only for status ailment… well ok then.

But I would not chase this hero even he can copy all of those skill, too expensive… lol :grinning:
I think he need a buff.

No. I didn’t think he memorized the damage received but based on the initial video I saw - I thought he replicated the attacks that he received. Can you clarify what you mean by he replicates the status ailments?

He only memorizes the status ailments which means like burn damage, water damage, poison damage, blind, etc… The direct damage component of those specials are not copied.

He needs support from a hero like grazul… and even then his impact is negligible.

What’s the point of memorizing vela or Jean Francois, if you can just bring your own DOT hero ?

It’s either a throwaway design that was lazily put in as a Gacha carrot… or just bad design period for a ultra rare hero.

Either way… either he needs a buff or SGG gotta get their heads outta the sand.


I agree. With such a rare hero - they need to do something to buff him. What a disappointment

His special is working.
Watch my video:

I see in this video timing at 1:40:

He memorize the status ailment burn, and do his original direct damage and apply burn to opponent.
So he does not copy Azlar’s direct damage, instead only the status ailment (burn).
Maybe I’m wrong, but that is what I can see.

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Exactly, that’s what he’s doing.

He collects status ailments and cast them all back even if they are already over. He also deals some damage, but that comes from his own and he will do it even if no ailments were collected.

A nice buff for him would be an initial resistance to ailments at all.

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I would like some clarification on how much damage his ailments do. Are they exactly the same as from the hero hitting him or not? Or based on what the ailment has as base damage and then adjusted for his attack and troops?

Let’s say the Gravemaker card tells us that mine would hit for 342 over 2 turns but in battle it will say 422 while the opponents may say 504. If my Myztero gets burned for 252 per round, will his do the same? If it does it seems very clear that if you were to put emblems on him you would go the defensive route no matter what. While if the return damage is based on Myztero’s attack and troop stat somehow one could argue for a more attack oriented path.

Returned ailments will deal exactly the same as the caster, in my clip 71 per turn.

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I’m disappointed in him. I would have thought that a hero so hard to get - .01% chance - would be something special. As it is he’s on one of lesser war raid teams.

I’m happy that he isn’t something like a must have. That would have been terrible.


No Bugs, Myztero is working as intended (as explained above).

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