Myztero special not firing after Elizabeth

Unless I’m missing something…after Elizabeth hits Myztero…he will not firing back -24% mana generation to ANY of the enemies. Someone explain it to me please.

Not sure; at a GUESS i would say that it’s because the mana ailment doesn’t come directly from the special skill (rather comes from the application of the fiends)…

Not that that is a reason he shouldn’t memorise it… I mean it is still an ailment…

Question; does Myztero memorise the ailment that comes from a sorcerer talent also?


It has to be a bug. Most likely it’s not a major complaint because either the ones that have him dont use him or most just dont have him.

I’d say it’s a bug based on the wording in all thr cards. If he memorise the ailments given by bera minions in theory he should memorise ailments given by fiends.

However… all the other ailments he casts back are duration based. This ailment is indefinite based on the presence of the fiend, and he can’t create fiends. So maybe that is the distinction.

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