Myztero should be a scorcer

Myztero should be a Scorcer. Not a rogue.
Come on … agree?

You need to make an argument as to why he should be sorcerer. Otherwise, you just sound like another player that doesn’t have anywhere to put their Sorcerer emblems at the moment.


My argument for why Rogue class is a good fit for Myztero is:

With maxed rogue talent, Myztero can evade special attacks - YET memorize the status ailments from those special attacks. So, he has the chance to evade damage and still cast status ailments on opponent’s team. Pretty neat if you think about it.

I am not so sure about sorcerer class for Myztero. If anything it delays the opponent’s special. So, it will delay the utility of his special (He is already very fast).

Not sure what I could be missing…


FINALLY!! I’ve been trying to find the answer to this question before I bothered maxing out Myztero… So you’ve tested it & he does dodge yet still memorize??

I do not have Myztero. But he works like other rogues in that:
Rogue talent only evades direct damage. Rogues do not dodge status effects. So, Myztero still gets affected by status ailments and therefore, memorizes those status ailments.

You can go through this discussion to get a better understanding of the Rogue talent:

Cheers!! :beers:

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Spot on !! Best counter-argument to changing Myztero’s class from rogue to sorcerer.

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Thanks for the reply… I can’t believe I’ve been so oblivious after all this time!! Just by reading Rogue Talent description it clearly says Direct Damage from Offensive SS… Even though he’d work great as a Sorcerer, Rogue still is a good fit for him… Dodging the direct damage could keep him alive a lot longer even though he still receives the ailments… If he was a Sorcerer constantly dropping the mana gen of the enemy then there’d truly be NO point in using him cause then he’d never be able to memorize ANYTHING!! No one would use him when they could simply just use a much better hero in his place…

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