Myztero, Papyrus, Ankorrog, or Crystalis

Myztero, Akkorog, Crystalis, or Papyros? I finally made good on my threats and stopped spending on this game 3 months ago and , for the most part, stopped playing….But, I still have 22 heroes left at 3/70 so I might do the next soul exchange. Which 2, of these 4 heroes , shall I sacrifice to the gods? I feel like with the overpowered nature of everything that is coming out and the slate upgrades toMyztero, that maybe his moment has arrived? Is this where all the overpowered heroes unload on him, and then he sends it back to all five of them? Is this the moment I finally promote that last of my Myzteros? Which two heroes should I keep?

I feel Myztero is so rare that it’s worth keeping just for the novelty of it.

I would say Papy for sure as a sacrifice. Then depending on your roster Ank or Cryst

Akkorog and Papyros for sure. Myztero is a crap but rare and those above mentioned are crap and not so rare

Anne is a good candidate for myztero but there are many meta heroes that be counters as long as you have an ailment blocker. You are right that his niche is expanding

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myztero might be a cheaper version of lord loki (kind of). i’ll go for him for uniqueness and fun sake. but he is not a priority if u are looking for quick hard hitter.

I’m pretty much done with the game. I fight wars sporadically and have a deep bench of heroes prior to the obscene release of new OP heroes over the last 18 months. I’m just trading in 20 of my 22 and i will promote the last 2 if I ever passively play enough to do it

I get the need to have fun more than “compete” (although you can do both). I often set myself challenges in order to keep my enjoyment of the game up. Completely honestly I find Myztero one of the funnest heroes in the game, which is why I love playing using him against the breed of new OP heroes with debilitating DOTs or ailments.

That said I am playing my main account less and less. I have started a brand new FTP account (2 weeks old) and have surprised myself at how much I am enjoying playing from scratch. There are completely different challenges and enjoyments to be had in tackling the game that way.

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I switched from empires and puzzles to puzzle combat. It is the sister same to this one and it hasn’t been ruined yet. I am enjoying that a lot.