🍻 Myztero – New "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero – 5* Purple/Dark: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

ME!!! I GOT HER!!! HAWKMOON!!! :unamused:


Pulled him on the first 10 pull, comes up as a bonus draw at the end.


So this hero will be just this month , and next month we will have another secret hero? Or he will be more that just this month, the secret hero,

I got Myztero! My second pull as a bonus draw!


I don’t get his special skill. What does this actually do? What does this memorize mean? :thinking:


The wildly low summoning odds and no current HOTM chance kind of make me think he’s going to be the recurring bonus draw of this summon.

SG hopes word of mouth of how good Myztero is compels big spenders to do a 30 pull every month just hoping it’s their lucky month.

Fought my way through the 1st 7 levels before my WE ran out and decided to cash in the legend coins. Was really excited to see what exotic “legend” the portal would spit out.

I got Carver. :crazy_face: :poop:


He should come in with an extra avatar of his face. That would make people throw billions!

Jokes aside (yeah right), his artwork is nice. His skill design is very weird but I am glad it’s not another of those Finleys or Ursenas which bring devastating power to the battlefield at very low chance of getting them. He’s an ok hero to show off, maybe even situationally useful, but right now looks to me sort of like the current version of Margaret (maybe even worse).

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Exactly, like a rare collectible, some poeple will get him no matter what because they can, but he won’t break the game, that’s cool.


I see where SG got their inspiration from. This is a villain from Hellboy that is most definitely the outline for Mr. Myztero.


Mine mine only mine :stuck_out_tongue:


So, anyone willing to share her/his feelings from beta?
I didn’t expect to get him so was totally uninterested… but now, well, I’m all game.
But can’t judge him and need to choose between giving tabards him or Clarissa.

Cheater :slight_smile: Just kidding, congratulations :wink:

So I’m wondering: if you use him to attack a def comp with Morgan le Fay, and she accidentally hits him…

Then he casts his special…

Does he start draining all enemy heroes for 270hp per turn?

Short version - He sucked.

Longer version - The damage with nothing collected is worse than most slash attacks. If you manage to collect 5 things to send back, you’ve either decimated the opponent and are near winning, or your entire team is near death and the specials don’t matter.


Is being every fast not helping him at all?

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Myztero is pretty strange and ambiguous looking. Since this hero isn’t part of the alternating gender rotation for HOTMs it may be hard to tell, who or what Myztero is. What do you think? Is Myztero male, female, or something else entirely?

  • Male
  • Female
  • Something else otherworldly

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Unlike what others wrote about Hellboy I prefer to think about Myztero as IG-88


And I wish its name was Unobtainium.


Nice Caedmon get, big win! :wink:

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