Myztero Mini Buff: Joining the HoTM families

At the point that you decide to pull in the portal, his pull rate is equal to or better than the pull rate of any other hero save those that are featured in a particular portal. I am not talking about availability throughout the calendar year, but the pure chances of pulling from a portal.

Being available more often doesn’t impact the chance of pulling something.

I used to use him without Elradir, he just happens to work really well with him. But I still use him with Emilio as an anti Alfrike counter.

Its not minion damage, that is an exaggeration. It does close to 100 damage, and close to 150 damage when boosted. Towards the end of the game where ghosting is possible he has quite often been able to fire multiple times to finish off an opponent. But this is nitpicking, the damage is a tiny part of the special.

He fired exactly how many times he needed to, to win the match. Not more, not less. He was ready to go when he was needed. Versus other teams with other tanks he can fire off against the tank, then again vs flanks, etc. Here I just needed to hold him until JF fired. That was the strategy, and it worked. Therefore counting the number of tiles or the number of rounds of sitting charged is meaningless. It was all as it needed to be to get the win.

I’d agree he could do with a bit of a stat rebalance. Without emblems he is difficult to keep alive. With full emblems that problem goes away.

He gets a use in most wars. And he gets to play multiple raids per day - maybe 8? JF, C GM, GM, Vela, Bera, Clarissa, summer heroes, Alfrike, Frigg, Morel, Finley, Lady Locke - with some of those heroes it only takes one in defense, for some 2.

I value each and every one of the heroes that I used regularly in war. And if I am using him in every 3rd or 4th raid daily, too? Seems like it was worth the investment. Certainly more so than some other heroes I have maxed, e.g. Justice, Azlar, Tyr, Kadilen, Sartana, Lady Loki (who used to be great, but sadly doesn’t get a run any more), C Elkanen, Isarnia, Leonidas, Marjanna, Lianna #2,

A generic family bonus would be nice and would align him with other recent HOTM buffs

Yes tiny! Insignificantly-so
The reason why it’s not "nitpicking" either, is because he does not memorize an ailment in 100% of his matches. And, more often then that…when he is near death this is what you do:

Some exaggeration lol!

And that’s with:

Are you still rerolling until you get enemies that have no emblems?
Emblems… LB… nothing goes away
It’s a push, my enemies also have them…

Now granted, pairing him with a reflector that drops the ailment unlike both the other reflectors in the game:


Is good for him! Even with 1 El Radir, Myztero can stack with that damage too.
If you pair Myztero with Mitsuko the enemy would take damage from 1 Aquatic Outbreak, not 2…
Definitely a perk for the Secret Hero.

Being available more often does increase the number chances you get.
Especially when multiple portals are involved… this truth does not make Myztero more accessible…
All 5* are rare. Including S1.
Myztero is less rare than Hotm.
There was no need to attempt to correct @Standyourground. He/she was spot on.

Cool! :point_up_2::upside_down_face: I can get on board with that.

Minions generally do from 3 to 30hp of damage. That seems the very definition of exaggeration to me.

Emblems, LBs on defense do not have nearly as much impact as on offense. I just said him fully emblemed on defense path means he will rarely die before he needs to. Regardless of emblemes/LBs on defense. What has rerolling got to do with it? I don’t think I ever face unemblemed heroes these days, and more often than not there are multiple Lbs in the mix.

His speed has always been useful for me. But now I have found a second use for it - he absorbs Faline’s mana down!

In this match he did a total of
90 64 87 54 104
218 218
218 218
218 218
218 218
218 218
144 109 73
218 218
218 218
89 89

For a total of 4262 health damage.

Had the potential for more, but defensive heroes were dying and not getting the full DOTs applied

Plus -64% mana gen on 5 heroes for 3 turns

Faline and C GM have suddenly made more defences viable targets for him. I’m sure there will be more to come.

seconded. Chakkoszrot actually took Myztero’s spot on my purple team, but Myztero still frequently comes out to play, and often without Elradir just because that’s my playstyle.

i’m not sure i understand the point you’re trying to make here. i was initially very skeptical of Myztero when i first pulled him, but over time, i saw the light, so to speak. i saw the possibilities, and my Myztero +7 has been one of my most fun heroes, beyond what i thought was possible. never regretted giving him Tabards, and even if there does come a time when i completely strip his emblems and never use him again (doubtful), what’s wrong with spending Tabards on a hero i had a lot of fun with for many months?

FWIW, i do use him on a titan team. my big attack up is Guardian Gazelle, so when yellow titans fire, i can just cast back the blind on them. his stats are wonky for what he is, but i’ll take that big attack stat for some nice tile damage, thank you very much. if i ever get Karnov or either of the purple EDD heroes, they’ll probably take the place of Kage and Ametrine before i replace Myztero off that team. (Tiburtus is my defense down.)

i have a hard time believing, given the current lineup of heroes with costumes outside S1, that Myztero will ever get a costume.

His point is a direct jab at me. Before I had Myztero I made a remark that I hope I get him so I can prove people wrong (i.e. the people who were saying he was “useless”). I saw his potential and I just didn’t get how others couldn’t. I might have worded it better, and @Pompitous will certainly use it in his arguments for the next few years as if it somehow diminishes Myztero’s value. But Myz certainly proved his value and lived up to my expectations of him, and I use him for my own benefit now without any consideration of the player base. I am no longer on a crusade to prove anything to anybody, but it actually paints me that some people may end up not giving him a chance due to the negativity here, when otherwise they could have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of him.

He could be like a joker (wildcard) to any hotm family… THAT would be nice and simple to start.


Love this and so agree, Myzterro needs some love or boost to his special.
I was sad when he missed all the yearly HOTM boosts too.
Love your Inari addition of 180% to all enemies SG and staff. Please consider giving Mysterro some help too

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Powerful but not OP, and very in-theme. I’d vote for that. I think he should get some sort of family bonus to align him to the other HOTMs (and possibly slightly more powerful given he is unique amongst those others).

I don’t think his actual special needs any buff.


This thread, along with all the other Myztero threads, already has someone who has posted more than anyone else.

You are on a crusade to convince others that they should be having the same experience as you.

Not everyone agrees

that when OUR Myztero is sitting there charged for 6 rounds,

and Alfrike could have fired in the meantime… that this is a great design.

You enjoy it. Of course you do!
You prove yourself right.
But you have proven NO ONE else wrong…! For many others, we still prefer our options.

You view that as a personal attack.
And engage relentlessly.
Fine by me :wink:

Myztero is…

:point_up_2: True!

He is also the Secret Hero and delivers a jolt when he walks out of your portal.

The disappointment (not to be mistaken for garbage or "useless") has been enumerated as relentlessly as you set out to "prove them wrong"

It’s ok though. You’ve got nothing better to do. And Myztero is worth the debate.

Glad your coming around tho:

That’s great news!

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Myztero needs to be the best hero in the game.
Developers have had time to experiment with new specials.
Now pac Myztero with dbuffer and anti fiends.

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