Myztero Mini Buff: Joining the HoTM families

While Myztero needs a more serious buff, I would love to see him rolled into any of the HoTM families since their buff is tied to the Tavern of Legends where Myztero lives. He could be considered in any family for the purposes of the buff-i.e. if you have one 2018 hero on the team, he would count as a 2018 hero (or the same for any other year). The system would need a default (to the earliest year, for example) if you have the same number of HotMs from multiple years.
This would make him a bit more viable while we look for a true buff!

he can be a joker and add +1 member to every existing family in the team and get all the benefits too

example team:
hel 2017, Natalya 2018 , onatel 2019, vela 2020, myztero

myztero will get:
10% mana with hel
15% defense with Natalya
15% attack onatel
15% healing with vela
and each hero in the team above will get their own family bonus at 2 members because of myztero.

note: i think 2020 family is underwhelming, probably better if it was both healing and critical chance


I like it. He needs something to make him worth playing!


I have 2 , time to feed him away.

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I think that is a pretty awesome idea! Even if they dont do exactly what you suggest, they definitely need to do something lol. Pretty crappy hero for being so hard to get. Not that I want him to be amazing (I dont have him lol) but he really does need some kind of buff, and your idea sound cool to me!


Es un héroe muy bien definido y un bono muy difícil de conseguir, por lo que pienso que aunque no hagan precisamente lo que sugieres, deberían hacerlo más funcional de alguna otra manera, como lo han hecho con otros héroes. Ojalá consideren prestarle atención, debido a que pienso que este es uno de los que más se lo merece, por ser tan difícil de conseguir y ser poco funcional.


I too thought that he seems left out for family bonus. Maybe he could have a unique family bonus that stacks up to 3 with any HotM. Maybe something like a chance to evade status ailments but still memorize them.
Also, it would be awesome if he had an element link, maybe something like reduction of damage from ailments, reduction on how much things like attack, defense, mana down etc. or gained mana or health upon receiving status ailments, or maybe immunity to ailments for like 4 turns.
An idea I have for Myztero is to change his ability to be like a taunt for status ailments, so if he you use his ability for a few turns only afflictions would hit him guaranteeing that he memorizes it. Damage abilities with ailments would still hit selected targets but only he would be hit with the ailments.


Covering old ground here… but apart from features heroes his pull rate is about the same as any other non s1 hero in the game.

And he is far from useless currently and he even got a small buff in the form of c gm!

I have two Myztero now, tried way too hard on last Tavern for Aegir… got two Evelyn and a Myztero. :crazy_face:

With a bit of luck, Myztero paired up with someone like Grazul or Vanda who can block status ailments can totally destroy an Alfrike party if he memorizes Mindless Attack, he just slaps it on the entire party.
Really looking forward to December 2021 HotM Hanitra, so much potential to combat Alfrike!

I think they should improve defense and HP and be immune to minion stats

Never before I got so happy about a hero and so disappointed at the same time.
0.1% chance to win him, I said he might be something very special!
But no…
a Total Zero and was mine (My…Zero!)


I absolutely love it, although that would make him extremely powerful and everyone would jump over to a nerf Myztero thread and start an endless cycle lol.

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thanks :slight_smile:
i don’t think he will be overpowered at all, he is very situational and without aliments he is one of the worst heroes to use (107% damage to all is nothing)

he would be perfect as an enabler to the other legend heroes since he is a secret hero there

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I believe that a 135% attack buff to all enemies and keeping the status evils memorized would be very welcome, lining up with other very fast 5* heroes. A stat boost would also be appropriate in order to make the hero highly desired for being unique.

My suggestion:

135% attack to all enemies.

Attack 790
Defense 750
Life 1380

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Can we just get on with giving the rarest hero in the game a legitimate fix already. Is it not a blatantly obvious tragedy that he is not used in any sort of viable war defense / raid defense… I also can’t imagine anyone actually uses him offensively. He has sat through almost 2 seasons of new heros, countless new event heros and costumes and still he remains one of the most pointless heros in the game.

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they decided to buff that crap salmon loki, they can’t help but make sense of Myztero. With a little more they can make him a super hero

I used him this war (top 50 alliance level)… just like I use him in most wars. One of my favourite heroes, pairing with elradirx2 another one of my faves. Obviously not a good hero for defense though.

I do agree that he should get a family bonus seeing as he is the only hotm type hero that now doesn’t have one

It would be cool if he acted as a wild card. Meaning if you used him with a 2019 and 2018 HOTM and no other HOTMs the you got the elemental link “applies to all heroes” for both the 2018 and 2019 HOTM.

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Covering old ground here but…
Myztero is worth the clarification:

Some heroes appear in more common portals than Legends. Or even multiple portals! Myztero is unavailable in Atlantis… not to mention a full month upon release where big spenders get to run-away with triple dupes.
Also… events that last a full month.
Even when these heroes are not featured, they are available more often.

But here’s the punchline:
All heroes are featured eventually
Save 1… the secret hero

So… Apart from all heroes…his pull rate is about the same…?
lol, still a great joke!
@Standyourground remains correct.
Myztero is unquestionably:

He is also NOT mentioned anywhere in the game, except in the portal odds where he is described as…

The Secret Hero

So for those with options,
or those who lack El Radir for stacking ailment damage, Myztero is also…
disappointing…For many reasons:

Minion Damage
  1. When nothing is memorized.

Wonky Speed
  1. An inefficient timing design that causes an abundance of wasted tiles.
    And/Or many rounds while the hero sits charged…
    This amount of waste causes players to choose more reliable options, rather than spend time and materials to watch their charged Myztero sit like a bump on a log waiting for ailments.

For example: in the video 2 posts ago, Myztero fires 1 time.
After 14 purple tiles passed…!
After 6 rounds of sitting charged…

Wonky Stats
  1. An inefficient stat design. The lower def and health combined with a necessity to actually receive ailments makes it difficult for most players to keep him alive long enough to deliver a meaningful effect.

  1. His usefulness, which varies with metas, took a hit with fiends driving the latest one. He remains niche. Take a look around E&Peeps: The Niche game system is very expensive, isn’t it?!!

Cost vs. Reward
  1. Most players who didn’t set-out to "prove people wrong" before actually getting the hero, will choose their OPTIONS, after vetting and trying to prove him valuable on a wider scale.

Mats and other resources will weigh heavily just for that 5th or 6th war flag…

A buff to alleviate this broad sense of disappointment should be endorsed

But I fear a costume will be our answer
Inari gives me some hope but…
I happen to agree with this…


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