Myztero - bug or not?

Hi all,
Can you explain me why Mystero didn’t remember debuffs from Hanna’s and Elizabeth’s summons? in my understanding, this is the same effects as from a hero… a little strange.

And can we conclude that the developers have stopped supporting a very rare hero?


My only guess is that Myztero remembers status effects that are cast. If a fiend gives a status effect then perhaps that doesn’t count as casting.
Or the effect only stays around as long as the fiend does so maybe there is nothing to cast back as you can’t also put a fiend on an enemy?

@Homaclese have you run into this?

I haven’t tried it out… my take is that the status ailment should be memorised even if it comes from the fiend. The poision given by Bera’s minions is memorised, so why would a fiend be any different? But as you say it does not have an actual duration unlike every other type of ailment which is why it has probably not been implemented…

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I think it work as intent but SG doesn’t add the description to Myztero that he can’t memorize those ailment. Hanna’s and Elizabeth’s ailment are tied with their fiend. Those ailment wear off when fiend disappear. If Myztero can memorize those ailment, when Myztero use his skill, the ailment will be wear off instantly since Myztero can’t memorize fiend.

@Homaclese Can Myztero memorize Skadi’s stack ?"

I think Myztero should memorize those ailment but apply nothing when cast back. This will make one slot of Myztero’s memory useless :smile:

Nope, stacks are a completely different category to ailments and he can only memorise ailments

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Thank you. Could you ever test Myztero vs Jack’s or Carol’s ailment ? I think that will be fun :smile:

In my opinion, if Elizabeth’s debuff will last till summon is alive, than make this ailments non-stackable all the time, but Myztero should remember the first debuff from the each new summon… Other debuffs also got duration, but Myztero remember them, can cast them at any time and then the action time will begin.

In description to Myztero - This hero has an innate ability to memorize [status ailments]. So, then we need understand [status ailments] meaning :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But only status ailments that are “cast”. Fiends “give”. Yep it’s a bit dumb but I can see the difference.

I’d agree, except that above @Homaclese says Bera’s minion’s effects are memorized, so same underlying mechanic.

Given how poor Mystzero is, I think it should work.

Soooo… we have hero that can remember the ailments from Bera, but not from others…) now I understand why the in-game support sent me to the forum, apparently we must explain the mechanics of the game by ourselves…

very depressed battles with the heroes of the new season)

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And Kvasir :smile:

I think Hanna’s and Elizabeth’s ailment are exceptional that Myztero can’t memorize because SG want it to be like that. In fact, if he can memorize those ailment. It will be disadvantage for him since he can’t memorize fiend. Those ailment wear off instantly since Myztero summon fiend but those ailment will make one slot of Myztero’s memory useless :slightly_smiling_face:

The only difference is bera’s minions gives you a normal dot, that ends after some rounds. If you kill the minions nothing will change. Of course mysterio can remember them.

Fiend effects are different. They are unlimited but connected with a fiend, if you don’t have a fiend you don’t have the effect. So not sure how mysterio should remember that. He can’t cast fiends and without fiends no effect.

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It’s a very good explanation, but… if i got ailments that are Harmful modifiers applied by [Debuffers] and damage over time, no matter from hero, summon when appear or other mystic power, than my hero must work according to his mechanic - because he has an innate ability to memorize [status ailments]. Or we must understand and see it in hero description, for example Elizabeth with summon’s debuff or Skadi, that their debuffs are not [status ailments].

I agree, than when summon disappears the effect ends, but i got debuff from summon when it appears and must remember and return only debuff, not the summon with his debuff.

In fact, Elizabeth’s ailment is very similar normal ailment. Garnet’s or Grazul’s “immune to new status ailments” can protect you from Elizabeth’s ailment. Anzogh’s passive also can resist Elizabeth’s ailment. The only different is that Myztero can’t memorize it.

can you tell me what actions need to be taken for developers to pay attention to this?

or gave us an explanation on this situation

Tag them here.

Skadis debuf is no status element but a stack. You can’t cleanse it, block it and mysterio can’t remember it. So that’s safe.

For Liz. I mean even if mysterio would remember it, nothing would happen.

He always remembers effects exactly as they are.
When he remembers some 4 turn poison damage without further restrictions and you cast him he does exactly that, 4 turn poison damage.
If you remember tellurias 2 turn manaslowdown he does exactly that, 2 turn manaslowdown.

So now he would remember liz manaslowdown. That reads like that:

So the duration is no number of turns but the presence of the fiend.
So if mysterio would remember the manaslowdown from Liz and you fire him, the opponents would get the manaslowdown, there are no fiends so the duration would end instant.

It doesn’t make any difference if he remembers it or not. There wouldn’t be a manaslowdown at the opponent. The only difference would be, that one of the 5 slots would be blocked by a manaslowdown without effect on the opponent.

In fact, Myztero can memorize only 1 ailment of each type, for example, if Jabberwock use skill on Myztero and Bera’s minion hit him after that. Bera’s minion’s poison will overwrite Jabberwock’s poison even the slot isn’t full. If he can memorize Elizabeth’s ailment and cast nothing, you can use Elizabeth or Hannah to overwrite the previous ailment that is same type and make Myztero not apply that ailment to your heroes.

:best game designer voice:
So it’s a feature, not a bug


Why are the emojis so big :thinking:

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