🍻 Myztero – 5* Purple/Dark -- "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero

Of course you can advocate “fun”. In a “fun” thread. Not in a thread where everyone says Myztero sucks. When the subject “inefficiency” (doesn’t matter if they’re wrong or right), you argument “he’s fun” just falls flat and is redirecting the conversation.

I’m sure you’re getting fun from your war flag playing. The thing is, you’re not choosing your teams based on “fun”, but on efficiency towards a certain adversary. But still, you seem to say the contrary here. Also, in a game where RNG is proficient, “fun” (as in using Myztero) and efficiency is kinda not compatible. Imagine not getting enough dark tiles to trigger debuffs to Myz and secure his survival. It can be a fun war flag, but not an efficent one if you lose.

Well, you’re in a top 50 Alliance and posting videos all day long (mostly about niche heroes, but i digress). Are you actually implying with the question above you’re a lucky fraud and you don’t belong there?

I’d love to see some videos of your WAR Flags with Myztero being fun and efficient. Claiming it CAN happen or that IT happens doesn’t mean it does or you’re actually using him. Or, don’t tell me you don’t record your war flags, just videos of niche heroes where they can be helpful (or not)?
Of course no leader would have problems with good results. I just doubt your claim your results include Myztero and they’re actually fun (if they do)

Well, flat-earthers or anti-vacciners argue for causes they believe and make sense . To them.

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Has anyone able to summon in the ToL portal using single pulls but was able to get Myztero and the HOTM with that single pull?

Sorry, TLDR.

I haven’t seen war flags either. But only 1 flag would be relevant to this thread.

There are plenty of videos to watch
in here tho:

And the longer ones do a great job of showcasing Myztero’s niche by rerolling more than actually fighting.
That’s quite the niche!

And despite the many rerolls to find enemies that Myztero will excel against, there are still matches where he dies…

There’s also plenty of wasted tiles to watch. Too many to count…

A minor buff for consistency and less dependency on allies, and possibly narrowing the niche would not break the game for a hero that is never featured.


It’s not so much the logical fallacies or biased curation of videos; I think everyone can be guilty of that to some extant.

But this forum is just spammed by one opinion trying to prove so hard how clever he is and everyone isn’t (while digging himself in showing the opposite). it’s really kinda annoying to some of the players.

We got the pro Myztero points several hundred posts ago above, it’s just maybe it’s time for one player to let it go so we can let the conversation really move on and evolve., without all this spamming. Nobody else is getting convinced by all those logical fallacies.

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Yes. I got Myztero from the very first TOL, last day of summons off of coin pulls (purchased on last day offer). Also got HoTM within the same 30 pulls off coin pull.


No logical fallacies or bias.

Not trying to do anything of the sort. I know my own level of cleverness, whatever that is, and have no need to prove it to anyone. When I see unabashed bashing of a hero that I think has great merit based on my extensive use of him I jump in despite knowing how hard I will be bashed for it. Nothing for me to gain, and it actually takes a lot out of someone to get constantly pummelled. Despite that I am just trying to provide the viewpoint of someone who regularly uses him and gets great value out of him, to try to counterbalance the rest.

Maybe if there weren’t so many spamming posts about please SG buff Myztero then the pro points wouldn’t be completely lost.

Totally rude post, by the way. Showing your true colours. And they ain’t pretty.

What silliness is this? A hero being fun to use or not will always be valid. I have at no point disregarded the other aspects of effectiveness, but him being fun adds a whole extra element which is something that elevates him above a cookie cutter hero that is also effective.

Absolutely I do. And every single war, bar 1 (which I mentioned above) I found a team where Myztero was a good counter, and have won about 90% of those matchups. Please show me where I have been contrary?

Oh so if Myztero doesn’t get the tiles to use his special then he won’t be very useful, and can die, and I could lose the matchup? Excellent point! Very deep. Now please enlighten me - which heroes do you know of that will do well when their tiles - whether 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 or 14 - will do well in that raid?

Was just curious what you based it on. You can more or less buy your way into a top 50 with a deep roster and do OK. I am not implying anything.

Well that’s a bit rude, insinuating that I am lying.

I often don’t record war videos, but I will do so from now on. For your viewing pleasure.

Luckily here is one I did record from this last war.

The point you were making was that I was arguing for the sake of arguing. I countered that. Your last point has no relevance to that part of the discussion.


Like @fight_happy said,

In other words… to try and prove everyone wrong. Which are also your words.

It’s been said before. It’s worth saying 1,000 times. The reason people are unhappy with Myztero is the same reason we can see in many of your videos.

  • Big niche… worthy of rerolling 12 times just to play 5 matches.

I agree. You keep twisting my words and I’ll keep stating the truth. Rerolls are not an attack on anyone. They are a demonstration of Myztero’s niche and a legitimate point that gets brushed off, and redirected with attacks,
exactly like the wasted tiles do…

  • A catywampus skill that develops wasted tiles, or does minion damage.
    Or simply put… inefficiency

  • Catywampus stats that were built in contradiction to his skill.

  • A heavy reliance for survival

Does all that mean:

No… it means that for a secret hero who is never featured. He is disappointing to be sometimes useful against a niche

Lumping the people who have viable points and good ideas with those that want him nuking everything-all the time;
is a great page from your playbook. Nice way to beat your chest. But my advice for the question you recently asked would be to ignore the hating poo poo’s or whatever you call them. I do.

Instead of…


I’m out of this thread for a while. Congratulations

Myztero or Noor are the 2 that cannot be brought up as trash. If you have a deep roster, you can find use with any hero…including Myztero

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Thanks for that. You weren’t really contributing anyway, nor actually discussing the concerns for his inefficiency.

Lady Loki is much better than Myztero! He/It needs a buff! Definitly!

Yeah about that…says the same guy who created the ‘Noor is OP’ thread last July when she was still fresh and heavily criticized for what she’s doing. Hmm… :thinking:

Thing is, you can’t. You can never change people’s opinions no matter how hard you try. If there are people who agree with all your points then good, you succeeded. But if they don’t, just move on. It’s also even harder since you’re tackling one of the most challenging heroes to agree on a mutual basis.
And look, people understand. We know (I know) what myztero is used for and his purposes and his positives. But shove all that positivity into my throat, I’ll just projectile vomit all over the place. You want people to accept the positive, you need to admit the negatives as well. Can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time.
The problem also is you’re putting myz on too high up of a pedestal. Singing praises for him, seeing him only in rose tinted lens. Because of this, people can’t relate to you when it comes to the arguments. And the more you write, the more biased you sound.
Try to state arguments in an objective manner (what the card does on face value). You can’t tell me with a straight face that holding skills is an objective strategy, never will I ever believe that.
Being relatable is what I’m trying to say here :slightly_smiling_face:

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EVERY hero in this game, given the right support and enough tiles can actually perform. People who play this game long enough understand that. So what he actually arguments for is really… the obvious.

Thing is, we compare heroes, their abilities and their availability. Myztero sucks as defense, and CAN shine as offence. But the fact that he’s available every eight weeks with a smaller percentage of appearance than other powerhouse heroes, makes him lack in comparison.

Also, given that most players have to choose which hero to ascend and who to bench, the opinion of Myztero’s efficiency comes down to each players roster and ascension mats availability.

Just because HE can make Myztero work, doesn’t mean EVERY player can. Not everyone has his roster and the materials to ascend most of their heroes.

Lastly, the RNG nature of this game can make a hero shine or fade. When he gets enough red and dark tiles to make his heroes work (in that war video he posted) that’s not a proof the hero is worth. It just means he can be used effectively. That match without Proteus and Lady Loki was a loss. It just comes down as anecdotal evidence.

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I must say I appreciate @Homaclese defence of Myz, as otherwise it would be 100% negative discussions about him!

I agree he is not as special as we would like him to be. I would love to have infinite tabbards to ascend him, for fun, but I can’t yet. Malicna just got ascended ahead of him in my roster.

A variety of opinions is always welcome in my eyes.

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Thanks for those words @Bwang , appreciate it.

i thought this thread was for:

But apparently if you aren’t talking about how he is useless and should be buffed, then

Anyway, as I said, I am out of this thread and talking elsewhere about how to use him effectively.

But @Fabinas I did say I will be recording my Myztero war hits, so here is this week’s hit. We are facing the current #12 alliance

For a while = Only one day.
I think people who really want to watch Myztero videos are subscribed or bookmark to your YT channel, so you don’t have to report it one by one.

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