🍻 Myztero – 5* Purple/Dark -- "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero

Oh good grief…

SG make the rules. They decide what cards can and can’t do. If they’ve made a character do that then it is the rule that it can. Whether it’s working exactly as intended, of course, will be seen in time. There have been occasions, as we all know, when a hero is released before all the possible effects and synergies have been worked through (/cough Telluria /cough), and that will be addressed no doubt in due course; but most heroes have a certain niche where they truly shine, as indeed they should. The conditions where this terrible threesome can wreak havoc are rarely met. Thus I doubt that the devs will get round to tweaking them any time soon. But, to be fair, stranger things have happened.



My raids believe the latter

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Myztero is just as good as Elradir, and in overall utility I would rate him higher.
I love my Elradir(s) for the sheer damage output they can do when used together and when ailments hit them both. Myztero does just as much DOT as one Elradir, and he “stacks” with them so the synergy is good.
Elradir has an up-front hit, which is nice. Myztero has a small hit, but at 6 tiles once lanes open up he can chain these together for decent damage. Again, Myztero is a 6 tile hero - which is VERY important. I’ll get back to this in a moment. Myztero returns ailments vs just the damage, meaning he can do defense down, attack down, silence, mana drain, mindless attack, etc. That makes him an ideal anti Alfrike hero which Elradir can’t (although he can support in that role as he doesn’t get impacted by mindless attack). Elradir returns everything point in time whilst Myztero memorises and can be used more strategically - he will pick up more DOTs/ailments than Elradir because of this. And he will be ready for another round before Elradir. And all ailments are fired back to all (like Elradir) for full duration (unlike Elradir).

With this team I focus on getting 9 green tiles - and 6 purple tiles tend to come incidentally, or often 3 tiles will come with 3 more required, which is not hard to get. Him being VF makes a lot of difference. Against Alfrike I need 6 red tiles (Emilio) and 6 purple tiles to really gain the advantage and his speed really helps out with this. Against Bera teams I can fire him once to shut down Bera and then fire him again vs flanks. The speed is a huge (feel free to focus on this word in your retort, I will stick by it) tactical advantage.

And he does take the DOT damage unlike Elradir, but that is why I have C Mel and another healer. He also dodges the up-front damage fairly frequently, unlike Elradir. At 19 emblems I very rarely see him die unless the whole match has blown up in my face.

With Elradir vs ailment dealers and with Emilio vs Alfrike I am really enjoying “The Secret Hero” (not sure why you keep stressing that, but you do you). He is one of the most fun heroes in the game and one of the most powerful and versatile strategic heroes. I love him to bits.

You can downplay him as much as you want if that makes you happy. You don’t seem to get any enjoyment out of the game now so all of your enjoynment comes from putting it and various aspects within it down, again and again. Go ahead if that fills your void. It no longer bothers me because I know the worth of this hero.

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They definitely are a match made in heaven. Even if you only have 1 Elradir.
That one would send ailment damage without overwriting the very fast Secret Hero.

It’s a great team!

Also… last year Myztero had a fairly narrow niche.

With every passing event
And every passing hotm
That niche widens!

Unfortunately for the Secret Hero…
In my often not so humble opinion
With every passing event
And every passing hotm
So does the alternative options also widen

But Elradir appears to me to have refreshed his utility.

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I’ve noticed something that is maybe a bug with this guy, but probably just another sad blow to his usefulness. I found an ultra rare plus 20 Myztero today in a raid defense and hit him with Hannah. I checked his card to check the ailment and he DID NOT memorize the attack ailment. I mean, I guess since it’s tied to the fiend and not a turn duration it’s isn’t applicable for Myztero to memorize? Presumably that means he doesn’t memorize Elizabeth or Motega ailments or any other ties to a fiend.


This thread has discussion on it
I don’t consider it to be a bug

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Well, the low rates of the two new Black Friday event heros reminds me of our poor Mytzero. Same odds essentially, but look how crappy he is…

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he could use a damage buff or protection against aliments for the entire team like Emilio or at least he is passively protected against all aliments so he just memorise them


I have been testing Myztero recently.

The main problem is here has to endure and survive the ailment before he can return it.

So, i have Myztero flashing with his special ready, then i get hit by Zocc , i have to wait for the effect to finish and then mana back up again before i can send it back.
Not only that but there is a 1 in 5 chance Zocc will hit another member of the team and there is nothing to even memorize.

Same with lepiota etc…

There probably is niche way to use him…maybe he needs to be paired with a hero that blocks the ailment but still he memorizes it.
But i think he is very limited in his use as he stands, and certainly people won’t go crazy with pulls trying to get this hero.

He needs a buff in my opinion. He needs to be able to memorize any ailments sent by the opponent and not just ailments he receives personally.
Plus extra direct damage , i.e increases 50% with each dead enemy. Otherwise if he’s last man standing then he is just a sitting duck.
He only needs to memorize 3 ailments , if that helps justify SG balance him out again.

in all the times i tested him i never memorized 5 ailments, the match is already over.

In summary
As he is at the moment, and to say he’s the rarest hero in the entire game, then he is simply underpowered and of limited use.
But on the rare occasion you send back zocc or lepiotas ailments back to the entire team, then he has a fun factor.

Nb… He links well to Milena who is the fastest ailment cleanser/ healer in the game.


Great points all around. I feel like they really should’ve gave him tons more health, so he could survive to feed everything back. As he is, he has as much fragility as most heroes.

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I also think he need a little bit of love. I have in one of my account.
By curiosity i level until 3/70.
I didn`t get any use for him.
Is weak and die at almost every hit. Is charging imediatly, but his skill in very weak, making 50-80 damage.

Maybe need a little bit of care.
Is the most rare heroe from entire game :slight_smile:

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Block/silence the most annoying posters.

The forum is SOOOOO much more pleasant once you do that. The bad ideas, terrible logic and the obvious humble bragging and self-idoltry is cut to almost zero with just two or three blocks.

Edit: It does mean you leave the noobs unprotected and vulnerable to total idiocy but that would happen if you simply quit the forum too.


I have 3 of the fool. Not worth a damn thing.

Hm. True, Myz is underwhelming but comparing ANY hero with Penolite and the blue Exorcist guy is just unfair. Both are absurd stats, Penolite can kill an entire team with one shot at average speed and the blue guy hits a lot harder than Lianna with WAY superior DEF/HP stats + two widely useful extra effects. And I didn’t even mentioned the hard skin effect.

Those 2 heroes are unbalanced in every way but who cares, when their event is released we’ll have a least 5 of heroes with that absurdity level. And guess what mystero will sound even weaker.

Myz was released to push summons on Legends portal because it odds are a joke. It doesn’t means they wanted to give you a good hero just because he’s rare, they just want you to buy and buy more.

Don’t expect buffs on older heroes. They’ll release a costume for him someday soon and that will be his buff for 0,1% pull odd too. :dizzy_face:


if they do release a costume for Mytzero and require us to pull again for it. I will be so fuxking pissed for sure

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you what? have 3 mytzero?

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Not necessarily. Do you have any ailment blockers (like Garnet)? Myztero can memorize an ailment even if he resists it. Garnet + Myztero is one of my favorite Alfrike counters.

Edit: reread your post and saw you mentioned this

Yes I keep thinking at some point they will realize the mistake they made an fix him.


Since it’s being brought up again and spread to multiple threads, it’s also worth noting that legends portal is available 6 times a year.

So while SPECIFIC non-featured legendary’s like S4 or even Christmas heroes may have comparably EXTREMELY RARE chance, they also are available in portals that are open for longer periods of time. And of course… do get featured on rotation.

Also, they may appear in multiple portals:
Myztero’s chance of being pulled in Atlantis is 0…

With this in mind, The Secret Hero is definitely one of the rarest heroes in the game.
Continuous claims to the contrary
Are tailored for a SPECIFIC agenda.

Should you feel disappointed, you’re not alone.
But please… tread carefully with claims to seek something imbalanced. You get people who want something that makes sense, all lumped together in the "prove people wrong" campaign