🍻 Myztero – 5* Purple/Dark -- "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero

This raiding level where you’re seeing emblemed 4* heroes and lower tier 5* heroes as opponent defenses is where Myz will shine. Vs mid to high diamond defenses he is pretty mediocre, which is ironic because those are the people who are disproportionately likely to obtain a Miz due to spending.

It is worth mentioning though that these 4* and low tier 5* are usually not punishing enough to make him a necessity, and likely leave generic hitter heroes like Sartana as the more consistent choice (and also the better choice to use those rare materials on in the event that you choose to become more competitive down the road).


I made Marie Therese work, I will make Meztero work!

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My 1 year old can make the circular pegs fit through the square holes on his shape box toy with enough patience and brute force. Still doesn’t make it ideal, particularly with better solutions readily available.

Myztero on defense


A fun hero to have. Perhaps there exist better, more reliable, heroes, but this one is fun. Takes a bit of learning to use to maximum effect, but that is part of fun with him.


I got him on when I pulled 10 heroes and currently at this point I’m waiting get more materials but I combine him with sif and heimdall plus other healer or buffer and I been doing a good job on raids against vela or gravemaker yes you have to keep him alive to get hes special skills running but obviously you will not defeat a whole team with just 2 or 3 heroes, I’m happy with the heroe ,very fast mana, plus you don’t have to wait to fill the 5 ailments stats, if you have questions to understand the ailments stats here’s a topic on this forum 📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks


The emblems of this hero serve to evade attacks. Does the hero need to be hit to memorize? Or memorize also when avoiding attacks

I believe he needs to be hit, so the avoidance skill is a little counterintuitive to his design

I’ve mentioned it in the thread already, but rouges only avoid direct damage, not status effects.

I would like to see them change him to be able to memorize a status if it hits him or not, would make him more interesting on defense and more reliable on offense.


Gratz bro, why am I not surprised that you pulled him :slight_smile:

Simple question and maybe it was asked and answered above but if opponents cast dispel, does Myztero forget all the buffs that he memorized?

If so, nice hero but no big incentive to try and chase him.

Exactly the emblems is to evade specials attacks he can ignore the hit but not the effect. So anyway the direct hit like for example John he deals a damage of 468% but he’s effect of -40% precision is not able to avoid that.

If you have Rigard, you already have a better Kunch for raid purposes. EASY Clarissa choice imo

But Style Points go to Myztero!

His special’s name should be ‘Taste of your own medicine’… :rofl:


Yes, he memorizes the effect even if he evades. The status effect will still hit him so it makes sense

Thanks bro, good to see ya Rider!

Once it’s memorized it’s a permanent bank that can be used at your discretion.

The more I play with him, the more places he moves down the mat list.

I’ve raided with him at 3/70 for at least 70 battles (stopped counting at 40). I have more battles with him simply being dead weight than having contributed anything of worth. May as well took Miki on my team for silence, at least I’d get that outta of hero slot consistently, as opposed to 107% damage.

The current meta doesn’t favor the ailment banking. Your best bet to bank ailments, is from hit all heroes. You’re likely to bank Vela at the least. Maybe Tell’s mana reduction. If you’re really, really lucky. AI might actually purposely hit Myztero with GM but likely not (call me crazy, but seems like ai is predisposed to avoiding Myztero if it can, unless it’s a sniper that’s likely to one shot him at 3/70 or un-emblemed 80).

If Myztero were a minor healer like, Grazul instead of the 107% damage, I’d definitely consider moving Myztero up the list to level. I think that would be ideal anyway. This would force a player to choose heal now and risk losing the ability to release ailments at an appropriate time. Resulting in missed opportunities for a benefit now.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on this hero after further play (though it wasn’t asked for lol)


Would be hilarious to bank and throw back Dark Cube / Mindless Attack on Alfrike…if you survive


The emblems of this hero serve to evade attacks. Does the hero need to be hit to memorize? Or memorize also when avoiding attacks… :thinking:

I’m pretty sure he also memorizes when evading, since he also memorizes with Gazelle’s special active. :slight_smile:


I think he will be good in pair with Grazul


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