Mythical Titan family offer - buyers competition

In challange event and ninja tower battle items are the limiting factor in performance. People need to save up a lot of items and only use items on magical boards. Sure some people buy additional items and flasks, giving them more retries on a good score. But in the end you still need good skill and tremendous patience to look for a good board and only spent those precious items on those good boards. Just spamming items won’t help you towards a good score.

In mythical titan it’s almost completely the opposite. The most powerfull item to score well (scrolls) can be bought and you donate a scroll to each alliance member and this has a big impact.

Essentially scrolls give you additional strong tiles. When properly buffed most titan teams can make that into 10k dmg per tile on average.
Now assume a complete alliance bought the offer and uses all scrolls. Thats 10K tile dmg x 5 tiles per scroll x ( 30x 5 scrolls bought + 30x 29 scrolls gifted) = 51 million bought tile dmg (if needed).

I like having scrolls, but the offer makes this mythical titan more a buying event than a skill event. For reference. Top 100 starts at 75 mill dmg, top 10 at around 120 mill dmg.

Personally i’d like a competition that is more skill centered.


From my experience to get into top 1% for single hit you for sure need scrolls, tornado, and hurricanes. For total top 1% you will be needing more tornados, i usually do 3 strong hits where i use my Hunters lodge items for the remaining 9 i just use mono and smart item utilization. I’ve been top 1% for both and received great emblems for it. The purchase helps but not required, while Hunters lodge is required to make them.


Topic is meant to be about alliance rank. Forgot to mention that explicitly lol.

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It’s not required to spend. I made 10 scrolls in preparation for the first Mythic Titan. I also made 10 tornadoes and 10 super mana. Total cost £0

The game them gave everyone in the Top 1% 10 scrolls. Sure it was a ■■■■ up but again cost £0

So I used those this time around to again get Top 1% in both categories

My alliance has gifted me scrolls and Hurricanes but I did not need to buy them.

My team for the Top 1% score had 3 4* in it and 2 S1 5*.

And I was massively inside the Top 1%

So it’s entirely possible to make the top and spend nothing because that’s exactly what I’ve done twice.

Edit - seen you mention the Top alliances. We finished 445th which is about where we sit globally. The very top have a lot more heroes to get massive scores. But I’d wager they can all make tonnes of scrolls even if they didn’t buy them.

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Scrolls can’t be farmed. Skull drops from titan limit scroll use. My alliance finished 8th. No way an equally skilled team would make that without massively buying that offer.

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My experience on this begs to differ. This and the previous mythic titan event, I only spent premium battle items on the first hit. On my subsequent hits, I treat it as a regular titan and just used basic battle items, small mana and healing potions, banners and arrows. Both first and 2nd MT events, I ranked at top 1% top attacks, which for me is a good investment of the 5 scrolls of alteration, 5 hurricanes, 5 valkyrie’s Barnes and 5 tornadoes, crafting materials for them obtained mostly on a daily basis from titans battles. 1st MT I got only to top 5% since I just almost autoplayed the subsequent flags. 2nd MT got me to top 1% total hits becase I tried making decent scores using decent tile play and minor battle items. I find it silly using premium battle items on the subsequent hits as I can’t lift by myself my entire alliance with casual members in it to the top tier rewards.

Who says there is a need to buy the mythic titan bundles? In my alliance, only a very few bought them, less than the number of fingers in one hand. We certainly have 1 month to prepare getting those titan parts and other crafting mats.

So, yeah. I like mythic titan events. Less strenuous. Less time consuming. Less battle items needed. More talent and skill needed, and perhaps luck, for very few attempts. 3 flags every 12 hours. Getting to the top tier is not forced, unlike the monthly challenge events.

EDIT: Eh? Alliance ranking. May matter to the elite ones. My alliance ranked over 2k globally. Not much difference on alliance MT. I don’t mind. Let the top alliances battle it out. We will settle for scraps.

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