Mythic Titans internal alliance scoreboard

Would be great to have some sort of resource to know if all alliance members are using their allocated flags. Even a flag counter next to their name would be enough if an internal scoreboard is too much work.

Hell yes! Agree 100%


I agree 100% as well!!

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100% agreed!! We need intra alliance scoreboard to remind people to hit aswell


I don’t agree. This will put pressure for alliance member to hit mythic or to get good score.

This game will become a military camp if all need to be exposed.

Let people just enjoy and relax this game without being watched.


Other alliance activities (wars and titans) all have visibility why not this feature also?


+1 and good point, great feature addition


I agree with you in spirit, but overall, it is already possible to “watch” fellow members.

All regular titan attacks are logged.
All war attacks are logged.
Trophy counts are open for all to see.
With the green/red light online indicators, we can all see who is online
Even before the indicator lights, we could all click to see the last time someone was online.

If you are in a militant alliance that requires all members do this and that, and you don’t want to / aren’t able to follow all of their rules, you are probably in the wrong alliance.

I’m not going to track any of my members on this feature. They can participate in it if they want to, or not. I don’t even know enough about it yet to know if it’s even worth it for some of us to attempt. If it’s one of those things where only top scoring alliances get loot? No thanks. We’ll pass.


I just wanna see how my friends are doing. The one guy posted he had a 900k hit. Like we should be able to just look and see how everyone did!


Talk to each other!!! Or record hits and share them in line/ discord. The rewards for alliance scores are complete crap so who cares if everyone hits the titan or not. Let people focus on the individual rewards if that’s what they want. No benefit to trying to shame people into participating


I can see why some would find that idea attractive. But before this becomes another participation issue event, let’s see how the first experience plays out. I wonder what the number of casual players vs. " I don’t care if Johnny has a nose bleed, can’t you see I’m in the middle of a WAAAR?!" type players there are. We need people who just play casually to not become put off by yet another requirement.


I agree 100% yes.

I would like to see who has flags left, as well.

This. We often congratulate one another on big titan hits just from the normal titan hit log. It would be nice to do the same for Mythic. Not all tracking has to be for compliance purposes, though if that’s how another alliance wants to play the game, this would help them too. Everyone wins. If you don’t like how your alliance uses something like this, then you are in the wrong alliance.

We’re very casual. We often have people who completely skip a titan, which is completely visible to everyone now. No one gets any grief.


Dude take look at the leader board, lot of names you should reconise :wink:
For me and you it not worth it Honstley, just do what ever i wouldnt use major battle items on it do what you can, get a few emblems at the end happy days.

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I like the idea of knowing who still has MT flags remaining. Its No different than how war flags show which members have flags and how many. I think it’s a useful tool for the alliances working together to build their alliance score. I’d love for this feature to be added for the MT too!! Great idea @Purpeyes!!


So I just started testing this feature myself.

Hard level… nope. That went very badly. Switched to medium level and I’m now doing okay. I’m no where near top of the leaderboards, but high enough that I might actually get some good loot out of this. From the personal rankings at least.

And the content itself is kind of fun, and doesn’t require a massive time investment.

So far I am liking it personally. :slightly_smiling_face:

But as far as alliance rankings go… only the top 1000 alliances get better loot. My alliance doesn’t stand a chance of getting up there, and I’m not going to pressure anyone to try unless they want to. I’d honestly prefer it if they saved their best efforts and battle items for our own titans.


Yeah with items I just used mana arrows and turtle. We not going for a major score bascially do what you want use what items you want. Being this the first time we just feeling it out maybe in a few down the road we’ll stock up on items and go for a bigger hits.

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I already know for a fact that my alliance is not going to score in the top 1000, so I’m not even worried at all about that score.

For one thing, we only have 23 members… 1 of them has been MIA for over a month, 1 of them is low level and casual, at least half of the rest are a mix of both low level and somewhat casual.

What chance do we stand against alliances with 30 active veterans? Um… none at all.

Not to mention… good lord… I just thought of a possible exploit that some alliances might use… don’t want to give anyone any ideas though.

Though I’m sure somebody else has already thought about it and is probably already using it.

I was about to suggest the same in my alliance, but everybody is free to use the objects as they like.

My best hit on a titan (9* BTW) was only 90000, so I don’t expect to get amazing results here. I prefer keeping the rare objects for special titans or even then NT rather than this event.

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I agree. I almost wanted to tell my mates, “you all can go for the Mythic Titan, but please save your best stuff for our titans…”

But… meh. If they think they could get better loot from the Mythic Titan, then they should spend their mats wherever they feel they will get the best rewards.

I’m not the type to tell my members how they should play the game. They can do whatever they want as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.


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