Mythic Titan, Withdrawal?!

So, like last Mythic Titan, I hit once n was building up mats to hit more n now says I “withdrew.” 1st Mythic Titan I saved all my hits towards the end n was 4-5 days n 12-15 hits I thought… Not 1 day 1 hit n withdrawal?!

The Mythic titan ran for 48 hours with a total of 12 flags, I don’t believe this was any different to the first one. As the Titan can not be killed it shows the titan withdrew rather than escaped


I remember it lasting more than 2 days n wasn’t 12-15 hits in 2 days.

@Grumpigamer is right, both times so far it has been 48 hours, and 3 flags every 12 hours for a total of 12 flags. The thing has a countdown timer to when it goes away, no need to guess at it.

As a side note, I have learned today that a battle in progress when the titan withdraws, ends instantly and you can’t finish out the whole 2.5 minutes. Not entirely surprising really.

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