Mythic Titan - show global damage after event

The event showed global damage all throughout, please let us see the final total!

Gaaaah. Why can’t we see the “fight” tab after the event? Did anyone see the final total? It didn’t end while I was awake.

Well, we should get used to it since it is the common theme when doing the monthly challenge events where we are left only to view the leader boards. I believe the same thing also applies to Ninja Tower. Last time I checked, the total damage output made by all participating players was over 500 billion.

Yeah I get that they just reused common event locking code, but that info should be somewhere. It felt like a really successful crowdfunding campaign watching that number go up.

At first, I thought the growing number is just computer generated, not really the best way to gauge actual damage done to the titan by all participating players. Those numbers could aid us in establishing an educated and statistical count on the current active players in the game.

I mean, sure, they could be, and we’d never know. But surely making fake numbers takes just as much if not more effort than just querying accumulated damage every half second or so. Or querying once and then adding avg damage per second on client side.

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