Mythic titan rewards not solved

Seeing as how the previous thread was closed and marked as solved, I had to make a new post for it. I have messaged customer support, informed them I did not get rewards for alliance, OR total damage. They responded only addressing the alliance rewards. By the way, I switched alliances 30 minutes after the mythic titan appeared and am not eligible for that loot, which is very crappy of SG by the way. But I am more concerned about my top 1% rewards for total damage, which was not addressed at all. I know others have not received rewards as well, so I dont understand how the post was marked as SOLVED, and then closed so we couldnt comment. Is this what has become of SG? They make mistakes, dont correct them, dont answer the players who contact them, and dont even try to act like they care? I am amazed at how much money players like myself have spent on this game, and they still dont address the mistake they made on my account. I can only imagine how little they care about the C2P or F2P players. @Petri, on behalf of all of us who still have not had this solved.


Just contacted support. Cant believe how unapologetic they are after such a major screw up. No compensation no nothing. As if it’s our job to ask around and go about finding out how to contact support. What if one is oblivious to the existence of the forum or too busy with real life that he didn’t even know that the rewards are missing ? Don’t ever forget that we are your customers. Some of us spend hundreds if not thousands every month. Don’t bite the hand that feeds. Learn to pacify your loyal customers. See the big picture.

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I see some members even thanked you guys when they get their rewards. Have we reversed roles ? Seriously, what is the world coming to ?

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I don’t see any issue with someone being thankful that their problem was solved. That shouldn’t give SG a pass on helping their customers and making some sort of compensation for their screw up which I feel they do way to little of, it comes off more of they don’t really care unless if there is a big enough uproar similar to no compensation last set of nerfs.

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What audacity and arrogance to deem it as resolved and close the previous thread

Um?! :thinking: Not sure how SG should be responsible for lack of alliance loot if you join after the MT has spawned? As with alliance war, if you join after the war has started, you are in spectator mode.

@littleKAF or @Guvnor do you have any insight in this issue of individual MT rewards not being rewarded?

I haven’t fully read this issue, but I believe what the person is reporting is accurate. I would assume you can get individual MT rewards, but no alliance MT rewards. I’m also pretty sure their is a tool tip that says you need to be in an alliance when the MT spawns to be eligible.

On a side note, I think people know I assist in 7d with recruiting. We had a temp with us and a permanent ready to come back after this last war. We purposely held where we were so both players could play for their respective alliances against the MT. Once the MT left, our temp player left and permanent player came back.

So yes, I’d expect no alliance rewards for this player. But I would expect individual rewards.

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I would note this in the mythic titan thread which supports what I wrote above.


There is nothing to add. Maybe the thread can be closed?

I still do not get the reward for aliance so where is to write regarding this issue?

I’m keeping it open as maybe get more threads starting (padlocks are expensive :wink:) but thank you anyways :+1:


Scroll up to post 2.

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@Sarah2 If you read the post, you would see I didn’t care about not getting the alliance rewards. I care about not getting my individual rewards, and the lack of help resolving this issue for those affected. Next time try reading the whole post, and not jumping bro defend SG :wink:

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Why would you close a post that has not been resolved? That is the exact reason I started this thread. SG doesn’t answer, and tells us to post in the forums. We post in the forums, and those who don’t like the post ask it to be closed? Lol

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I think this is a legitimate issue that needs to be equally addressed. I am behind you on this, even if I found no issue on my case or any of my members in my alliance.


Sadly I did.

Even tried to help you by tagging our friendly mods.

I’d appreciate you taking your own advice. GL

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I appreciate that. I am not asking for anything other than what I should have been given. I am glad you guys didnt have issues.

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We cannot comment on any individual cases on the forum, but these are being looked into now. Please reply your support ticket if you need further assistance on this! I’ll close this topic.

Make sure to also review your Recent Activity Log to see all rewards received.


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