Mythic titan - rewards for everyone when certain global damage dealt

I see that global damage is reported but not really sure what that info is being used for. I think it would be nice if there was some rewards for everyone who participates if a certain global damage threshold is reached. For instance, emblems, ethers, etc.

i think something like a better loot table for the top few tiers is better

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I like this idea alot. Pokemon Go, does something like this for achieving certain goals, and it is well liked by the players.

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The only loot rewards I think need improvement is the alliance reward, only giving the best 1000 is criminal, imagine using loads of battle items and finishing 1001 and get same loot reward as an alliance in 25000 who didn’t use any.

I’m personally kinda sus about it being a real number haha… I’m sorta leaning to the opinion that the number reported as “global damage dealt” isn’t real and is just a number that is randomly ticking up on an {x} time interval :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was “real” its an absolutely INSANE amount of data that it is, apparently, continuously collecting, calculating and then pushing out to be reported… continuously… :roll_eyes:

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Agreed they should consider maybe up to the top 10k-25k

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I think rather than an award for global damage for everyone that some kind of scaling reward based on total alliance damage would work.

Could put in break points like 5M, 10M, 25M, 50M, 100M and when your alliance reaches one of those points everyone in the alliance gets something. Nothing too much, so as not to dilute what the rest of the loot is like and keep the other tiers relevant but enough to maybe make it worthwhile to push towards a score. maybe 10 emblems of a random class to each player per stage?