Mythic titan ranking anomaly

Just did a hit on the mythic titan, and it reports me in 6476th position but says that puts me in top 5%. Top 1% is always around 15k. Why is my position not saying top 1%.

Could be because there are a huge number of people who’ve been unable to “enter” the competition yet.


That never normally matters. In all events as soon as the event starts all players are entered into it with 0 score. I have never seen an event where this is not the case including this one last month. As soon as a score is registered then you are placed accordingly into the entire player base. It has always worked like that


And there were massive ranking issues last time, and have been issues with tournaments for months.

Now it shows score as “-“ instead of. “0” if you haven’t hit. Aka, NULL or unranked.

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I also notice the same thing and thought that maybe this time until you don’t do a first hit you are still not considered for ranking.

But it has passed a lot of time and i still see a huge difference in ranking this time.

Did better and place worse.

This first post is from 11h ago. Not many players were able to hit the titan yet. If 1,000,000 people hit, 1% is top 10,000. But if only 200,000 people hit, then 1% is top 2,000 only.

Well 11h ago ranking looked much different than now. A lot of people hit since. My top hit was 130 in the ranking when I hit the titan in the morning, now it’s in 600ish. Pretty sure OP dropped further down as well.

I mean better of the last time.
As correctly stated, last time about 15-16k was the limit to pass from 1% to 5%.

About 12k but already in 5% tier, even now.

Last time, more than 3 million people hit the mythic titan so the ranking was already bugged. The cut-off should have been 30k for 1%.


Please tell me what’s wrong with my rankings:

Why are you posting pictures that are irrelevant to what I was saying. Obviously those scores are top 1٪. Maybe read what i was saying.

In all events up to this point. The ranking has immediately been based on the entire user base. And if you get in the top 14k or so you will be to 1%.

It seems this time this has changed and ranking only includes those who have taken part.

That’s fine but it is at odds to how every other event has worked so therefore it seemed incorrect at the time.

Because you said there was an anomaly to the rankings. So, I posted mine after a significant amount of time hoping you can see the anomaly on my ranking.

But i don’t see any anomaly in your ranking, so i took it you were being facetious. Apologies if that’s not the case.

So why don’t you provide an update on your ranking now? The impression I got for Mythic Titan is the same as the others, only active participants count in the ranking.

I just agreed above, it seems that the ranking for this event is different to previously as it is only counting those who have actively attacked the titan. Where as every other event has just ranked everyone from the start. Currently I am just over 11k, top 1%.

15k~ should be the limit for top 1%.


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