Mythic Titan Much To Strong For Beginner

I’d like to suggest that there is an Option to opt out of Mythic Titan the same way that you can opt out of war . There is absolutely no Point for me to try and damage the Mythic Titan but I don’t want to let my Alliance down .


As with all free events, there is a point in hitting the mythic titan as hard as you can, since you can get some emblems for free - and those will help you later in the game, even though you are a new player. You also get a couple of 3* and 4* ingredients which will also help you later. And probably a shiny silver coin, which can sometimes pull you a 3-star hero or troop from the summoning gate.

You are also helping your alliance even if you only damage the titan for a bit, since the total alliance damage score is taken under consideration when calculating rank.

The one thing that is ill-advised however is wasting money and resources on the “mythic titan special” bundles and items.


I wouldnt worry too much about the alliance part. If you are a beginner player in a lower level alliance you are not likely to reach the top 1000 mark for a loot bump anyway. Hit the weakest level of the titan and treat it as learning and practice for when you get stronger.


You can opt out of the Mythic Titan event by simply not attacking it, so there’s no need to have an extra “opt-out” option. You wouldn’t contribute to your alliance total in either case. This is in contrast to wars, where an extra participant means an extra enemy that attacks your alliance teams, putting the entire alliance at a disadvantage.

But as the previous posters have said, you should attack the MT anyway, just to get the minimal loot from the bottom single attack and total attack tiers (and share in the minimal alliance loot, too).

Never look gift loot in the mouth in this game. Everyone is always running out of nearly everything.


I get what you are saying. But honestly attack the Titan just once to get the minimum loot reward is better than nothing.
After that, if you find it frustrating because of your score, just ignore it.
And at the end of the event, collect your free rewards and smile


I liked being able to hit the same titan at various strengths and see what I could do to it, and it could do to me.

Since I also needed to cycle heroes every few hits to maximize damage, I could also compare the damage of the colors I was using.

It gives free loot for little effort. Hit or don’t hit. Your choice. :wink:

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