Mythic titan heroes do not get weaker

Hello, today my heroes do not get weaker when repeatedly used in fight with Mythic Titan.


Other players would have kept quiet with that. But I laud you for being honest.

Please post screenshots of your heroes when selecting heroes from the mythic titan page so that forum users will be able to see it, too, as well as Small Giant to make the necessary fix.

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There is now a stampede on the Mythic Titan to see if this loophole works for everyone lol

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Mine all have. It doesn’t happen until the 4th use just FYI. Just in case you’ve used them 3 time’s and don’t see the minus stats happening.


You are correct, I’ve incorrectly counted how many battles hero was used. I thought hero is weakened every battle.

Sorry guys, please disregard / close this thread.

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