Mythic Titan event is not appearing

Mythic titan event supposed to be start niw, but I cannot find the event in the app…


We were wondering the same thing lol :sweat:

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:spiral_calendar: Schedule
Start Time End Time Duration Frequency
Today 7:00 AM Thursday at 7:00 AM 2 Days Monthly
Note: could actually be the 27th to 1st, depending on scheduling…

Likely to be a reschedule based on Guv’s note


Here too no mystical titan is equal

Thanks @JonahTheBard :innocent:

They robbed us again … Classic for zynga

I think the rescheduling is due to people complaining that Mythic Titan straight after ninja tower was too busy, so actually a little good customer service for once?

Anyway, scheduling is being announced and everyone can comment there.


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