Mythic Titan energy/flags — do they accrue, or do you lose them if you don’t use them before new ones are added? [ANSWER: they accrue and can be used later during the event]

Can anyone confirm that “more titan energy is added during the event” means that unused titan energy is added together to the new energy, same as we have it for war? Do we need to use all energy b4 refill comes not to loose it ?


If you look at the top corner you can see the timer counting down till new flags are added

the question is not about the timer , sure I see it )

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The question isn’t if new energy is added. It’s more: “what is the max energy you can have at one time”

It worked differently in Beta, so I’m not sure.

I will say, several of us, including myself, requested exactly this during Beta:


Sorry, i should pay more attention :slight_smile:

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we had 12 flags in beta , so my thought that all flags can be used last day … but still not sure)

Moderator’s Note

We have an answer based on empirical testing in the live game, and I’ve updated the thread title accordingly.

(And kinda glad I didn’t lose a flag testing this :sweat_smile:)


Thank you for testing @zephyr1. Now we need to know if it’s capped at 6 or if they will continue to accrue up to 12. I don’t see why it would be capped, but if anyone tests this, please post.


Yeah it did. On a few levels, they did do a live in game test. But kinda wasn’t as we still had use as many flags as you like. So to this and the last test in beta is totally different.

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